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Everyone wants to escape struggling part of life. We always wish we could just get things. I remember as a child I used to stand in a temple and just wish for things to happen – secure good grades, get a new bicycle, win the cricket match. I didn’t mind putting in efforts but I wanted things to always be in the limits of my efforts. I wanted things to be achievable. But then someone told me something and it changed my perspective: ‘If you only keep on fighting for things you can get, you will never get things that are bigger than that.’ Basically – GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. Struggling is the basis of success. If failure is a stepping stone to success, struggling is the cement that the stone is made of.

Struggling and why it is necessary:

A teacher once asked her students in a Science class to watch the butterfly make its way out of its cocoon. She also clearly warned the students not to interfere in this process. A boy was aghast on seeing the butterfly struggling to come out in this process. Looking sympathetically at this struggle, the boy broke the cocoon in order to aid the butterfly. However, after a few minutes the butterfly died. Teary eyed, the boy turned to the teacher. The teacher smiled at the boy and said, “You should have let go and allowed it to struggle.”

Struggling is the basis of success.

The question is not why struggling is important; rather it may be that struggling is the only possible option there may be – there may simply be no other choice. It’s the very prerequisite of success. We may fool ourselves for a while and postpone our struggle. However, in the long run, it would just lead to accumulated challenges. To give a small example, say you have a test in a week’s time. You keep postponing until there is only a day left. Work has been postponed while tensions accumulate. (This shows that it is your final approach that matters in the end). Perhaps a progressive manner of study may be a better approach to relieve stress. This example was not so much about procrastination but rather about understanding that there is no substitute to working/studying.

As Lance Armstrong says, “pain is only temporary”. The pain involved in struggling and achieving glory needs to be bared only for a brief time. But, if one decides not to struggle and just quit, this pain would last forever. To stick along a while longer than the others, makes all the difference. The difference between achievers and failures is just of having walked that extra mile in their struggle. At times success may seem distant and struggle may seem of no use. But the trick in those times is not to give up and continuing regardless, with your eyes on the final goal. The only failure would be to not finish what you have begun. This video on 1992 Barcelona Olympics will help you understand the true meaning of achievement.

There is no substitute to struggle and nothing sweeter than a hard earned success. It’s time we embrace the concept of struggle, not disgrace it by escaping it.

Here are some motivational quotes to push you ahead. Keep struggling. Keep achieving. 🙂

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