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Most of us are now well beyond our school days. Though we owe a lot to our school teachers and friends for making us the people we are today, we can’t help but analyze the areas of improvement in our education. A good metric would be comparing the tools of education used a decade ago to those in 2016. 

Studying in 2016: What We Missed Out On

Learning Online

It is one of the biggest and perhaps the most significant development in the primary and secondary education system. Learning online via videos, tools, assignments, etc., allows students to study at their own pace, thus enabling them to absorb concepts and master them in a jiffy. Children usually feel nervous about asking questions or clearing doubts in regular classrooms, but there is no fear of messing up on the internet, and they can take their time. Studying online also lets students post anonymously, which helps maintain discretion. A great example of an online tutoring venture that has helped millions of students across the globe is the Khan Academy. It not only provides free lectures on YouTube, but also provides an online portal that has assignments, tutorials, and mock tests. The range of topics it covers is massive. Be it stock markets, covalent bonds or relativity to Indian politics—it includes everything under the sun and is a fascinating place for curious minds.

Education Portals

Today, schools are taking the paradigm shift towards providing learning material, assignments, and tutorials online, allowing children to sort of ‘work from home.’ If you have missed classes, you can simply use a laptop and learn from the vast set of topics on the portal. Some colleges and schools also allow students to view a live-streaming of the lectures and save the videos for future reference. Assignments and homework can also be done online, thus saving the hassle of using charts, sketch pens, satin ribbons and all that jazz. With online portals, students can now focus on what’s necessary, rather than the superfluous. Also, institutions today prefer taking attendance through biometric means, either by a fingerprint scan or a retinal scan. All the records about a student’s performance or attendance are updated online and can be viewed by parents too.

Social Media

There’s no doubt that social media has changed the way we communicate with everyone. The education system in 2016 is no exception. Today, schools and colleges use social media mediums like Facebook or Google Plus to create groups of their own. They also add teachers to clear doubts about subjects, which improves the camaraderie shared between the student and teacher. This model works best in coaching institutions such as those for the JEEs, wherein the students can have conversations or discussions with the teacher at the click of a button.

Holistic Growth

The state-of-the-art facilities provided to students in 2016 are the icing on the cake. Globalization has changed our education for the better, and this includes better campuses that aid holistic development. Sports facilities for kids are a lot better these days and include things like basketball courts, swimming pools, table tennis rooms, cricket grounds, and everything in between. Students interested in performing arts such as music, dance, theater, etc., have a lot to look forward to with schools hiring specialized instructors for the same. It’s certainly not uncommon today to see young children singing and dancing in reality shows on television.

The new methods mentioned above ensure that the education process is not just one-dimensional and leads to the overall personality development of students.

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