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Winding Up Your AP EAMCET 2018 Preparation:

AP EAMCET, or the Engineering, Agriculture and Medical Common Entrance Test, is conducted by Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Kakinada on behalf of APSCHE. This examination is the prerequisite for admission into various professional courses offered in Universities/ Private Colleges in the state of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.Many other colleges offering graduation courses like BDS, B.Pharm., BSc., Pharm.D, B.E, B. Tech, etc. require qualification in this exam. AP EAMCET 2018 is scheduled to take place in the 4th week of April, 2018.

Ideally, one should devote up to six months to prepare for the examination, but what if you just realised that it’s high time and you haven’t done enough so far? Don’t worry, all is not lost. We are here to help you.

Mantras for last-minute AP EAMCET 2018 preparation

The following tips will help you maximise the potential of the last 2 months you’ve got to prepare for AP EAMCET 2018:

  1. Learn them formulae!

    AP EAMCET is nearly completely a formulae based exam. From what has been the trend throughout the history of the exam, it has been observed that the questions don’t delve too deep into the concepts of a topic nor do they come as twisted/modified versions of numerical problems. Hence, the first focus of a student aiming to ace the exam would be to know by heart, the formulae in the syllabus of Class 11 and 12 of Andhra Pradesh/Telangana board.

  2. Judge which questions to attempt in a whim!

    AP EAMCET is a time-bound exam. It has 180 questions that should be attended in 180 minutes. The key here is to NOT get stuck on a single question. So what you should practice in the next 2 months is the art to identify and attempt the questions you are sure about first, and then come back to the ones you don’t know. Your ability to judge questions quickly might make a huge difference while you’re writing this time-crunched exam.

  3. Focus on your strengths!

    Most of the students’ mindset while preparing for any exam, would be to concentrate more on the concepts you are weak in. But when you have got only 2 months to prepare for an examination where you get only a minute per question, going the other way around and focussing on your strengths first would be the key. Strengthening the concepts you already now would help you ensure that you don’t falter on questions you could have otherwise done correctly. Moreover, you will be left with more time to think upon the question you are not completely sure about.

  4. Toppr’s Practice Tests!

    Attempt the questions provided by Toppr also available in form of mobile application. Practice, after all, makes you perfect. You can also discuss the questions in Toppr’s forums.

  5. Chemistry might be the key!

    Chemistry is often the easiest section in the examination. If you know the basic concepts well and are able to recollect them without any difficulty, then try to bring your time of attempting Chemistry down to 30 minutes. The time you save on Chemistry would be very useful for Mathematics – which has 90 questions and is a time-consuming part.

  6. Important Topics:

    • Physics – Current Electricity, Heat and Thermodynamics, Electrostatics, Magnetic effect of Current and Magnetism, Work, Energy, Power, Wave Motion and Simple Harmonic Motion, Centre of Mass, Impulse and Momentum.
    • Chemistry – Chemical Bonding, S Block Elements, p-Block and d-Block Elements, General Organic Chemistry, Redox Reactions, Ionic Equilibrium, Chemical Kinetics.
    • Mathematics – Vectors, Probability, 3D Geometry, Limits, Indefinite Integrals, Definite Integrals, Sets, Relations and Functions, Permutation and Combination, Complex Numbers.

Concentrate on the above topics, especially, as their combined weightage is more than 60% every year, which together contribute to more than half of the weightage.

Lastly, not a tip, but an advice would be to not panic before the exam. It is important to maintain your cool with your preparation at all times. Be sincere and you will be rewarded.

Visit here for all the information you need on AP EAMCET 2018. Toppr wishes you all the very best and we hope you make the best out of the next 2 months.

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