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How Do You Prepare For JEE Main 2018 In Last 1 Month?

Budding engineers from across the country will now gear up for their biggest test – the all-new Joint Entrance Examination (JEE 2018) soon. Scheduled to be held on 3rd April 2018, (offline) and on 8th April and 9th April (online), JEE Main is expected to be taken by about 14 lakh students in over 1500 centres in India and abroad. With February almost gone, you need to figure out a solid plan to prepare for JEE Main 2018 in last 1 month.

About 1.5 lakh top candidates, based on their performance in the JEE (Main) 2018 (Paper 1) (including all categories) will be eligible to appear in JEE (Advanced) 2018.

Today, I will tell you how to prepare for JEE Mains in this final month. I know, this may sound too good to be true, but you can easily (well, don’t kill me for that) crack JEE Main in 30 days. You might be wondering this is nuts, no one can do it. No one can cover a pile of syllabus just in one month. But I would says, yes, you can do it (of course, with some pre-preparation on your part..hey, I am not a magician!). Let’s take a look at some preparation tips on how to prepare for JEE Main 2018 in last 1 month.

Concrete Strategy For The Three Subjects

Along with a study plan, candidates should also follow different strategies for different subjects.

How to score in Physics: Once you know the concept, voila! you’ve solved the problem. Visualization is the key factor in this subject. If you are going through a topic, note down all important formulae, results and shortcut tricks. These small notes will be very useful for you a day before the JEE Main. Practice a good number of questions as per the availability of the time. Don’t try to attempt long or complicated questions in the last month and do not waste more than the required time on a particular topic.

How to score in Chemistry: Every candidate must go through NCERT books as they cover almost the entire syllabus. Solving the exercises at the end of the chapters will help you in understanding the chapters completely. Along with NCERT, you can refer 1 or 2 standard books and avoid a heap of books as the time is very less. I would also strongly recommend that you solve past years’ papers of JEE. Take a look at the must-read NCERT books here.

How to score in Mathematics: Mathematics can be assigned a lesser time than physics and chemistry as a major portion of maths is covered during the preparation of board. But this subject must not be ignored. Here the trick is to practice more and more important topics. In the beginning, some questions may sound alien, but as you keep on practicing, you will start having a command on the subject.

Remember: Don’t attempt garbage questions. It is not necessary to solve 50 questions and pat yourself on the back! What’s important in every subject is to do 20 (just a number) but quality questions. This will boost your confidence. Previous years’ questions are always better to start with. Top notch quality questions are what you should be aiming for, to prepare for JEE Main 2018 in last 1 month.

Is the JEE Exam tough? by Sai Sandeep IIT JEE AIR 1, 2013

Peer Group

Whether you agree to this or not, you will never be able to make it up to the top AIRs (All India Ranks) if you spend your time with people/students having low motivation to clear JEE. However harsh it may sound, but it is very important to be with the right company to avoid unnecessary distractions throughout your last month as it is your make or break time. Also, a healthy peer group keeps you energetic, charged, optimistic and updated with latest happenings & newer ways of solving problems.

Devote More Time For Revision

Many students now realize the fact that they have not covered all the topics as mentioned in the syllabus. So, they spend more time studying new things rather than revising the previous ones. The end result is that they mess up all the things the paper. To avoid this, you must devote most of the remaining time for the revisions of the things that you know and try to excel in them. 20-30% of the left over time can be utilized for learning new things.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas A. Edison

Watch JEE Main 2018 PBT Physics Set B Q19 Video Solution

Bonus Tips To Prepare For JEE Main 2018 In Last 1 Month

  • Focus on solving the problems on your own, do not look for the solutions without attempting a question. Start with conventional methods of solving, while gradually improving. In short, build your own shortcuts and ways for problem solving.
  • Try the shortest approach to MCQ/elimination method. Do not get tensed by comparing your performance with others, you need to compare your present performance with past performance.
  • While preparing for your studies never ignore your health. At the time of preparation, do yoga and meditation, it will help you in developing inner peace, poise, confidence and power of concentration.
  • Have a printout of your syllabus. You have no idea how helpful it can be.
  • You will have to study at least 12 hours. But considering the situation, I would recommend you to go for 15 hours on some days.
  • You might want to switch off your mobile now. If you cannot, use it strictly for exam purpose like to check exam notifications.

Try to give your best so that in the future if you had to look back, you don’t have to say “I didn’t try”. Now is the only time, make it. So, keep your calm during preparation and do not give up. We are sure you will do fantastically well in the exam!

If you have any queries about how to prepare for JEE Main 2018 in last 1 month, you can ask in the comments section below.

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