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A study plan for JEE Advanced 2018:

So one fine day, you (or some one else) made up your mind to try your luck at the most coveted exam in the country. It is an annual race which involves over 13 lakh asiprants reaching out for the few thousand seats in the NITs and IITs. Is it worth the shot? Of course it is! Is it easy? You’re funny just for asking that. Busting your way into the most elite institutes of the nation is definitely an up hill battle, which requires two years of unwavering commitment and sacrifice of a social life on multiple occasions. This is the regular tirade you’d get from anyone who you told that you were planning to prepare for JEE Advanced 2018.

To be honest, I just felt obligated to repeat what most people tell you about the JEE. In reality, it isn’t that bad. It is never about working hard, it never was about sleepless nights and an abysmal social life. You don’t have to give up Game of Thrones or your favourite hobby (not judging if the two are the same for you). All you need is a plan. A mental map to guide you through your prep.

That being said, if you stumbled upon this article for an actual study plan for JEE Advanced 2018, you have come to the wrong place. What one studies when and how largely depends on who “one” is and other factors like what school you go to, number of nerds around you and your personal inclination.

Most “study plans” are usually forgotten within a month of their inception. Following a definite plan for two years may very well be your ticket into an IIT. A common rhetoric that you will encounter is “11th standard is the time to chill out and have fun. We study in 12th”.

In my experience, this is the first step to building a comfy coffin for yourself.

What separates an IITian from the rejects is consistency. That’s something I found out the hard way. The idea is not to chill out for half the time and study in the other, but to do both throughout.

The human brain is such that it perishes without work and play side by side. Over working the brain forces it to shut down and having too much fun makes it that much harder to recover the cranial prowess you had during your 10th grade board exams.

While I really don’t want to list out which concepts you would need to cover in which month, I would give you one piece of advice. Try your best to stick to what’s done in your class/coaching class. The best way to nail all concepts is to not over do the concepts that you like and avoid inorganic chemistry. Grit your teeth, over dose on sugar and try your best to spend enough time on concepts as and when they are taught in class.

Nobody has a great memory. Concepts you thought you were good at may return to mess with your head a year down the line. You need to try your best to revise whenever you can. Refresh those mundane chemical equations and formulae in coordinate geometry in you head. The best way to do this is to go through previous years’ question papers. There are tonnes available online. The point isn’t to give up on life, but to streamline your approach to learning new concepts and identifying your weaknesses.

No one said the road to IITs or NITs was easy. So quit complaining. Thousands of students go through what you are going through right now and actually succeeded. You are your own enigma and somewhere in that beautiful mind lies the key to cracking it open. Reward yourself at your successes and get back up whenever you fall. This race is not as much about wits, as it is about dedication and endurance.

A study plan is just one of the things that separates a topper from the rest. Read more about how toppers study, here!

All the best for JEE Advanced 2018! See you on the other side!

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