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IITs- The opera of Engineering and a holy shrine for students

IITs have always been the topic of debate since past few decades. In fact, the true meaning of engineering is rationalized and demonstrated by the mighty torrents of IITs standing tall in nearly every metro city in India. As the hierarchy of IITs speaks for themselves, the building pressure to land in an IIT is immense on every engineering aspirant in India. Parceling into IIT is not the end of the world for any engineering aspirant but maintaining a decent academic record is the next upheaval. Standing amidst the way of success and a student is the mammoth of performance which has to be incorporated undeniably in the routine of every student in IIT. Not that the IIT faculty roars or the buildings screeches, but the reputation running since ages in the history book of IIT claims its position loud and clear.

Suicides in IITs: The headline that has a permanent locus in every newspaper

The bitter truth of performance pressure and the annoying prowler of society has shadowed the actual meaning of education in India. Following the trail, nearly every engineering aspirant has to initially defeat the neighbor’s brood’s marks and then outshine their cousins mark sheet. Failure of which, leads them to the web of questions casted by student’s parents and the society. Suicides at IIT have been a consistent theme that has colored the IIT fame with black color. Many IIT students are under the pressure of performance and afraid of the fact that their names might get shredded into the trash if they aren’t able to deliver par excellence performance. The escalated level of textbooks courses and tremendous pressure of getting placed in premium companies have propelled students to the edge of their behaviors. The most common question that arises is “Why did this happen”, which is unanswerable as the damage has already been done. IIT is a hub where the toppers and conquerors from all over India come under a single roof. Staying toppers for consecutive 12 years and then all of a sudden just an average student among the masses in the holy place i.e. IIT holds the capability to torn the student apart. Rejection and failure are the words that is not taken gracefully and optimistically by students these days which ultimately leads them to self-destructive mode.

Society and parental pressure comes second in the line of causes of suicides in IITs, first comes the prolonged ego of an individual which is severely hurt.

What the counselors and the faculty of IIT think

The enigma of relentless administrative/grading system is to blamed or the intense pressure of performance and fear of failure that tends to isolate the students is to blamed. Whichever way it is leading, a precious student and a child loses himself in the grip of demise. The board of IIT has trouble figuring the reason for the suicide toll which rises every year. Some counselors admit that lack of sleep, parental pressure, financial troubles, deliberate isolation and lack of counseling drives students to the verge of losing their mental status and hence opt out ways that are short term. With peer pressure and a vulnerable ego, students find difficult to cope up such scenarios and confine themselves, says a renowned counselor in IIT.

The Verdict

IITs has set a benchmark for sustained and resourceful education but somewhere setting the bar so high has created a phobia among students who are in attender age. The reasons cannot be narrowed down to few things, as students go through a lot during this age.

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