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School life is great for a lot of us because of different reasons. Some love the sports, some love chilling with friends and some love studying too (we’re looking at you, geek squad!). But there’s one thing that everyone absolutely loves: summer vacations! The joys of waking up late in the morning, going out to play with friends for hours at end and the five golden words your mom tells you every summer: Naani ke ghar jaana hai!

Let’s take a quick look at the different reasons why we <3 summer vacations!

1. Mangoes

“It’s not summer until you’ve eaten a mango” – Australian proverb.

The joy of eating a mango, can probably only compare to…well let’s be honest, it’s incomparable.


2. Sleeping

If someone ever wrote a book on ‘how to spend your life in bliss’, sleeping would be a big chapter in there. Sleeping in late during the summer vacations is a boon especially for all students who have to drag themselves to school early in the morning. Phrases like ‘good night’ and ‘sweet dreams’ were probably coined during summer vacations!


3. Gully Cricket

Well, this is probably more of a guy thing, but the shouts and screams of ‘howzatttt’ from your gully in the afternoon definitely means that summer vacations have arrived!


4. Reading books

Imagine reading your favourite author in that quiet corner of your home for hours together. The mysteries of Nancy Drew, the fearful excitement of knowing Voldemort was around whenever Harry’s scar pulled or the mysteries of Narnia uncovered with every page turned over – best time ever, right?


5. Vacations

Going out of town for a trip to mama’s or nani’s house is almost as exciting as not going to school for two whole months! Apart from nani’s yummy food, there’s also the added excitement of meeting friends you hang out with only once in the year!


6. Playing Cards

Playing different card games with your family was all fun and joy until someone discovered UNO. The flush of betrayal you feel when your own brother, your own flesh and blood, presents you with a draw four and an all knowing smirk. Happiness is when you take revenge by dropping in a draw two when he just has a single card left. 😉


7. Video Games

Summer vacations bring along the license to endlessly sit in front of your TV/Computer till your mom calls you with the lure of mangoes or of course, until you absolutely have to pee!


8. Hobbies

For a lot of us, vacations also meant more classes that help build our personality. Having hobbies like painting or dancing always made summers more fun!


9. Gola

Different colours, different flavours and different ways of eating, but the happiness of having a chilled Gola in the summers is the same for everyone!


Can you think of any other reasons you love summer vacations? Drop them in the comment box below!

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