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Supernumerary seats allotted in IITs by JoSAA 2016:

The Joint Seat Allocation Authority has allotted 6 supernumerary seats so far in IITs. This year’s counseling has seen seats being allotted to four different IITs. Two seats each have been allotted to Computer Science and Engineering branch in IIT Bombay and IIT Delhi, while one seat each has been allotted to Mathematics and Computing in IIT Kharagpur and Chemical Engineering in IIT Patna. Supernumerary seats are allotted in special circumstances only as they are the seats exceeding the original no. quota of seats. According to the official Business rules of JoSAA 2016, in case of multiple students having same rank and the same branch, being allotted supernumerary seats come into play.

If there are a certain number of seats to be filled(say x), in a particular option,and a greater no. of students with same ranks apply for that discipline(say y, y>x). Then y seats are filled,i.e. X no. of seats are filled in compliance to the said quota and Y-X seats are the supernumerary seats. For example this year out of the possible eight supernumerary seats in IIT Bombay’s Computer Science and Engineering branch (no. seats is 87), 2 have been filled. 6 more can be filled in further counseling, by students with same ranks ending up as the closing rank for that discipline. Or in some other circumstances as mentioned below.

There are also some other circumstances under which a supernumerary seat may be allotted, particularly in case of foreign nationals. According to the business rules all the seats allotted to foreign nationals are supernumerary. The no. of foreign applicants being admitted is to be declared beforehand by the concerned institute. The total no. of supernumerary seats allotted should exceed 10% of the original number in that discipline. In order to be considered for a seat the foreign nationals must be in a Common Rank List, with their ranks close to the closing rank of the branch desired. The eligibility criteria is same as the conditions for GEN category students. The admissions are not subject to JoSAA, as they are not admitted via the JEE channel.

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