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KVPY SB Stream:

KVPY SB stream is for the aspirants in their first year undergraduate degree of Maths, Chemistry, Physics. The eligible courses for taking the fellowship exam are BSc, BS-MS, Integrated MSc, BMath and BStat. The candidates need to have secured 60 % marks in the aggregate science subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology in the 12th board exams and 60% marks in the first year final exam of their respective degree before receiving the grant. A common question bugging the aspirants is “What is the syllabus for SB stream that i need to cover?”. With much to cover in relatively less time, it is important that you know what is relevant. Here, we make it easier for you by bringing to you the right syllabus to be covered in your preparations.
As it is well-known, the examination is aimed at testing the basics and logic of the candidates in the basic sciences. Instead of your factual knowledge, the written examination is about your understanding and analytical ability. One important thing to keep in mind while you prepare yourself for this coveted fellowship examination is that your foundations in Physics, Chemistry and Maths need to be very strong. A strong foundation is what is going to fetch you marks and help you come out in flying colors. The students of SB stream need to be thorough with everything they learned at school. In addition, it always helps to be in the know of things of their undergraduate subject.
The following table highlights the mark distribution for the written examination for SB stream for various sections

Subject Part 1 (each question 1 mark Part 2 (each question 2 marks)
Physics 20 10
Chemistry 20 10
Maths 20 10

As such there is no prescribed syllabus for KVPY. But the trend from the previous years papers reveals that there are some important topics which appear frequently and in order to attain success it is mandatory that every aspiring candidate spends enough time to cover them thoroughly. We give you the subject-wise list of topics.

KVPY SB Stream: Syllabus

Physics Chemistry Mathematics
Vectors Atomic structure Calculus
Waves Aromatic and organic compounds Vector Algebra
Magnetism Chemical bonding and molecular structure Trigonometry
Gravitation S and P block elements Binomial theorem
Electric charges Environmental chemistry Probability
Motion in straight line and plane Organic Chemistry Coordinate geometry
Chemical properties of solids and fluids General principles of Metallurgy Algebra
Thermodynamics Coordination compounds
Thermal properties of matter D and F block elements
Electromagnetic induction and waves
Wave optics

Although the list looks pretty exhaustive, with adequate amount of preparation and effective time management, it is only a child’s play to crack the examination. But do remember It’s important that you get your strategy right. Know what is important to cover and what will fetch you more marks. It is important that you are thorough with everything from these subjects that you learned at school but paying more attention to these topics might help.  Devote time equally for important topics and so stay tuned for more tips from

KVPY is one of the most prestigious examinations in the country. Read here to know why it is so huge.

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