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The Maths for Class 10th under the CBSE board system is a very important subject and a fairly easy one from the point of view of scoring. But in spite of this, I see a lot of students struggling to score marks in the exams for the same subject. Now that the CBSE Board Exams are set to make a comeback after getting scrapped off earlier, it becomes very essential to tackle this subject effectively.

The thorough understanding of basic concepts and practice are the two essential keys for cracking the formula of success in this subject. Let us know more about this in this post.

Building a Strong Foundation

“Great heights are only achieved when the foundation is strong”: this holds true in the subject of Maths too. All the problems are solved with ease only if the basic concepts involved in the problem are understood well.

The following tips can be followed for strengthening the basic concepts:

  • Pay due attention in the class while new topics are being taught. Get your doubts cleared immediately as and when they arise with you teachers or tutors.
  • To resolve further doubts regarding the topics, form study groups with your friends. I found this technique to be the most effective during the preparation of my 10th standard exams.
  • You can also use online resources for CBSE Class 10 Maths for clearing the doubts. Some of the most popular resources which can help are Toppr and YouTube videos.

Practicing Problems

I think the one who said “practice makes a man perfect” was a mathematician. After understanding the basic concepts, the next thing is to learn their applications by practicing problems. Practicing the problems helps us immensely to gauge how well have we understood the concepts.

It is essential to follow the following tips while solving problems:

  • Solve a wide variety of problems covering all the topics, rather than just solving similar ones.
  • Solve all the problems from the book written by R.D. Sharma, which is considered as ‘the’ book for CBSE Class 10th Maths.
  • If time permits, try creating your own problems based upon similar patterns with respect to the ones which came in previous exams. This helps to boost your confidence while solving new varieties of problems which may appear in the exam.
  • Start solving mock question papers when the exam dates are nearing so that you can have an actual feel of how the Maths paper might be.
  • Try to eliminate the silly errors done while solving the problems such as multiplying instead of adding, mixing up the positive and negative signs etc.
  • Try to improve your mental arithmetic skills. This helps to save valuable time incurred while solving simple calculations during the actual exam.

Closing Thoughts

It is not difficult to get a good score in the CBSE Class 10th Maths exam. I hope that the tips and techniques from this post will make the students feel very confident to tackle this subject while making them score excellent marks in their exams.

Remember, class 10 board results will shape your career path to quite an extent. So don’t ignore your boards!

All the best!

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