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From time immemorial, Mathematics has been one of those subjects where JEE paper setters have always tried to put the skills of aspirants to test. Mathematics problems can either be very easy to solve or look too deceiving before you can actually figure out how complicated they are.

In my opinion, Cracking JEE Maths is more about practice than concepts. You just have a couple of hours to prove your mettle on the exam day. So, when it comes to Mathematics, you must make sure you practice a lot and practice a very wide variety of questions.

Toppr advises its students against referring to several books at a time. In fact, our experts who have been ex-IITians themselves emphasize that it is important to follow one book to study fundamentals and use others for reference only – for topics that they cover best, and for practice problems.

And this is where Tata McGraw Hills come in, folks. The books from this publication are a one-stop destination for all your math exam jitters.

Why should you refer to Tata McGraw Hills for Mathematics?

TMH for JEE Mathematics is a must if you are targeting either JEE or JEE Advanced or both. The level of problems in the books from this publication go from easy to very difficult, and every problem is different from the last one. This makes sure you are exposed to a variety of types of Math problems so that you are well-equipped for the JEE and Advanced days.

Whether it’s Complete Mathematics JEE Main 2014, Tata McGraw Hill’s Course in Mathematics or the other new editions, all the books contain a variety of problems.

The books are well-designed for the subject of Mathematics and address the latest examination patterns and syllabus. They include a thorough coverage of all the theoretical and conceptual components of Mathematics, which have been further divided into multiple chapters. Additionally, as a bonus, they also consist of a latest solved JEE Mathematics paper and questions from the previous years.


The books from this publication cover a wide range of topics, all of which have been prescribed in accordance with the JEE syllabus. When it comes to the book ‘Complete Mathematics JEE Main 2014,’ some of the topics it includes are Mathematical Induction, Theory of Equations, Sets, Relations and Functions, Heights and Distances, Determinants, Limits and Continuity, Matrices, Progression, Definite and Indefinite Integrals, Vector, Statistics, Complex Numbers, Derivatives, Probability, Trigonometry and Inverse Trigonometric Functions, Three Dimensional Geometry, Circles and System of Circles and an exclusive chapter on Mathematical Reasoning. Aren’t these topics more than sufficient to score brownie points in your exams?

Now let’s talk about the ‘When’ part of these books. So, when is the right time to refer to these books during your preparation phase?

When is the right time to grab Tata McGraw Hills books for Mathematics?

Ideal for the annual engineering college entrance examinations in India, the JEE, Tata McGraw Hills books judiciously combine theory and practice, with the right emphasis on solved examples and exercises. The different problems require the use of more efficient and creative methods of problem-solving. One suggestion from my end would be to go slow with the books, as some very tough problems can at times demotivate you. When you see yourself running into such a situation, take it easy, opt for a break and come back to it later. More importantly, one must not use the books for understanding new concepts, as one won’t find any in it. I used this book myself in the later stages of preparation and owe my success in JEE math to TMH.

PRO Tip – Do not use this book for building concepts, because you won’t find any. It’s a pure drill question bank of the top notch level and should be referred to when your fundamentals are clear.

Tata McGraw Hills indeed has a fine collection of books. However, some tend to forego them just because of their fear of Mathematics. Read more about how to get rid of your Maths Phobia here.

You could also read our piece on how you can become a maths genius and master the subject.

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