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Being a teacher is one of the most gratifying things. However, it is also quite a challenging job. We often oversee the troubles a teacher is facing. It mostly happens because not many identify it as a problem. It is also a reason why numerous teachers are leaving this profession. One of the major reasons for this is Teacher Burnout.

Teacher burnout

What is a Teacher Burnout?

A Teacher Burnout is a work-induced depression which has become common amongst teachers nowadays. For instance, when the teacher experiences chronic stress which has adverse effects on their health, it is teacher burnout. As most teachers are go-getters, they always go that extra mile to get desired results. However, this determined attitude sometimes exhausts them completely. They feel underappreciated and therefore experience a burnout.

Signs of Teacher Burnout

When a teacher experiences burnout, it should be looked after immediately. It is not merely a feeling but an illness which requires treatment. The signs of a teacher burnout include:


A teacher is always on their toes, going from one classroom to another. It is naturally tiring but other than that if a teacher is experiencing lethargy, that’s a red flag. If you are exhausted all the time, then you need rest.


When a teacher is experiencing burnout, they lose focus. It becomes difficult to function daily and complete tasks. An irregular sleep pattern may also become the norm.

Weight issues

Too much of anything is dangerous. When a teacher loses their appetite or weight. It is worrisome. They may also gain weight. Such weight and appetite issues must be checked without delay.


The mental health of a teacher is greatly affected during a burnout. If not treated early, it may lead to depression plus anxiety.

Causes of Teacher Burnout

A Teacher Burnout usually happens due to a number of reasons, and not just one. In today’s world where hustling is glorified, it is easy to become a victim of perfectionism. Teachers are easy targets as they have one of the most selfless jobs. The causes behind a teacher burnout are:

Poor Management

Managing a classroom full of students is quite a task. It makes it tougher for a teacher to manage a class which is uncontrollable. They have to deal with them for a whole year. If there isn’t proper management, it can affect their mental health greatly. Misunderstanding between students and teachers also leads to poor management, read about it here.

Low Self-esteem

Low confidence gets to the best of us. Similarly, teachers can also fall prey to it. Conducting discipline and teaching a class full of students is not easy, especially when they are observing your every move. In other words, this may result in a lack of confidence and self-worth.

Heavy Workload

Teachers are never off-duty, whether it’s an exam or extra class. Even the picnics held for students to enjoy is one of the most challenging points for a teacher. They work from home while checking copies. Some also do home visits in addition to always being available for answering queries. This heavy workload takes a toll on their physical and mental health.

Prevention of Teacher Burnout

It is very important to take steps to prevent teacher burnout. These steps must be taken by the administrators as well as educators.


Taking care of yourself mentally and physically is crucial. Always indulge in recreational activities timely. This will help in taking your mind off things.


Always maintain a balance between your personal and professional life. Make sure to get a routine check-up. Above all, do not let one weigh down the other.

Supportive workplace

A positive culture in the workplace can affect employee happiness. The administration must ensure a supportive environment inclusive of all types of people. In conclusion, they must be transparent about mental health.

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