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There are a number of educational institutions spread out throughout the country which are constantly aiming a providing access to education to the needy and children of rural areas. Most of these schools are initiatives of the Indian government and they provide education to all those who really need it. Telangana state has a number of residential schools that were built and set up for this purpose. All these Telangana residential schools were formed under the supervision of the TREI society.

What is the TREI society?

TREI or the Telangana Residential Educational Institutions Society is an initiative of the Indian Government. It was first set up in the year 1972 and it has been growing strong and managing more and more residential schools with every passing year. The main aim of the Indian Government in setting up the TREI society was to make sure that this society oversees the establishment of various residential schools around the state and successfully manage their functioning to provide proper education to all the children who need it- mainly those children from economically strained background and those from rural areas, who have limited access to education.

There is quite a long history behind the setting up of these Telangana residential schools. In 1972, the state of Andhra Pradesh was yet to be divided into two. It was then that the Andhra Pradesh Residential Educational Institutions Society was first set up with the aim to impart education to children who need it. This body is basically an autonomous one and used to function with the state secretary of the government as its chairman. However, after 1988 there was a slight shift of authorities and today it is headed by the Education minister of the state as the chairman while the state secretary has become the vice-chairman. In order to ensure an effective functioning of the society, there is also a board of directors comprising of 22 people who spearhead the various functions of this society.

The beginning of the journey for TREI

During the years of 1971 and 1972, the first residential school was set up in the Nalgonda district at Sarvail. There was the Sarvodaya Trust Board which actually donated land and buildings in order for the first of the many more TREI Telangana residential schools to come. Since general government processing takes a lot of time because of a huge pile of paperwork, the idea for this TREI society was conceived, so that the schools that were being set up could be maintained effectively. With the passage of only two years, two other schools were set up and by 1975, permissions were also granted to set up junior level colleges. What started with a single school, is today managing a total of 13 junior level colleges and 123 schools!

The main objective of the TREI

Certain aims and objectives have been underlined for the TREI:

  • The main aim is to establish and effectively controlling the proper functioning of the telangana residential schools so that education can be meted to out to children of the scheduled castes or other minority groups, who have little to no access to education.
  • TREI is also entrusted with the responsibility of setting up a proper and updated syllabi and conducting the necessary examinations.
  • It can also give recognition to other residential schools that are operative within the state.
  • They also aim at organising various seminars, conferences and workshops so that both the students of these residential schools as well as the staff can benefit from the new ways of learning.

Facilities that are provided by the TREI schools

There are some salient features of these Telangana residential schools which make them one of the best learning centres of the country. Let us take a look at some of them:

  • They provide free education and charge no boarding costs from the students because of which a lot of children are going to these schools.
  • All the schools are provided with basic amenities like a clean and airy classroom, a well-stocked library, clean and hygienic bathrooms, large open playgrounds, laboratory with proper equipment etc.
  • One of the most interesting features of these schools is that they function with the loco parent system. This system implies that a personnel will be arranged to a group of students who will function as their parent. This helps a lot in bringing out the best from underachievers or those with a low self-confidence.
  • When students gear up for the competitive examinations, special classed and coaching is provided to them.
  • The aim is to provide an all-round education because of which co-curricular activities are a very important part of these Telangana residential schools.
  • Students wake up and get ready to exercise from 8 in the morning and various activities and classes continue for till about 10 in the night.

Locating some of the important Telangana residential schools

Let us take a look at some of the important Telangana schools and in which districts they are located:

District School
Hyderabad 1.    TSR School, Borabanda

2.    TSR School, Barkas

3.    TSR School, Borabanda for Girls

4.    TSR School, Ibrahimpatnam

Mahabubnagar 1.    TSR School, Beechupalli

2.    TSE School, Wanaparthy

3.    TSR School. Balanagar

4.    TSR School, Mahbubnagar

Rangareddy 1.    TSR School, Keesaragutta

2.    TSR School, Hayathnagar

3.    TSR School, Tanduru

4.    TSR School, Vikaraabd

5.    TSR School, Ibrahimpatnam

Nizamabad 1.    TSR School, Pochambad (B)

2.    TSR School, Pochambad (G)

3.    TSR School, Madnoor

4.    TSR School, Nagaram

5.    TSR School, Kamareddy

6.    TSR School, Bodhan

Medak 1.    TSR School, Lingampalli

2.    TSR School, Toopran

3.    TSR School, Sangareddy

4.    TSR School, Zaheerabad

5.    TSR School, Medak

6.    TSR School, Siddipet-Medak

Adilabad 1.    TSR School, Bellampalli

2.    TSR School, Nagaram

3.    TSR School, Nirmal

Nalgonda 1.    TSR School, Thungathurthy

2.    TSR School, Nalgonda

3.    TSR School, Choutuppal

4.    TSR School, Ramannapet

There is a total number of 10 districts where these Telangana residential schools have been established and functioning properly. While some are some girls and boys school, there are one for general category students and minority students as well, in order to make sure that education is provided to all.

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