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I still remember the day i.e. 12th June’16 when I woke up from my bed and internet was going gaga with the news ‘JEE Advanced results announced’ or ‘JEE Advanced results to be announced in an hour’. Nothing we have to do with the results. The only people who were concerned were the candidates and their family who were either in temples praying for their child or the candidate who was refreshing the page and then BANG, results were out.

We as a spectator were only concerned with the statistics- how many appeared, how many passed, what was the percentage of students from individual states who made an entry (so many other questions in mind) to one of the prestigious institutions of the world. And not to our surprise, the statistics remained quite the same. Telangana and Andhra Pradesh again showed up their dominance that they still are the JEE Advanced rankers producing states and will continue doing the same.

We will not dwell much into the statistics of this game; Rather will see why they are so successful as far as JEE Advanced is concerned.

What is so different about them?

Having completed high schooling from Andhra Pradesh, I can definitely say that the students there don’t possess any supernatural powers. Instead it’s their hard-work and dedication which helps them to climb up the ladder of success.

We look into some of the points as to why the success rate regarding JEE Advanced remains high compared with other states:

  • The students from these states, particularly those belonging to the state boards, start to prepare earlier for IIT. The course structure of these students especially Mathematics and Physics are quite different from the course structure of CBSE and ICSE. I remember the day when one of our mathematics professor told the class – “the CBSE syllabus of mathematics that you have in this year (11th) are nothing when compared with the state board i.e. for preparing for JEE Advanced, we have to separately study the topics which were not the part of the syllabus whereas the syllabus of those state board students were perfectly in line with the curriculum, which gives them a solid start from the beginning. These students are very much sharp in mathematics and physics, which are by far considered the game changer subjects in IIT-JEE examination.
  • Although, it’s not about the luck but the amount of hard-work and dedication you put in for this exam and all aspirants have these qualities but these people give more than 100% for this exam. The amount of dedication and hard work they put in is unmatched.
  • Exposure is also one of the important factors which come into account. We can see from the statistics that the states which dominate the results are Rajasthan, Bihar, U.P, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra but the exposure set here in the two states are quite different. The students start preparing from the early stages of school, which also gives them the upper hand.
  • Being in the neighbourhood campus of the state board campus, I got a chance to see as to how they use to prepare sincerely during the study hour session by regularly solving the model papers and books which predominantly boost student’s confidence. The dedication with which they studied during the study hours will make anyone go crazy. It was they have the Hunger for stepping into IIT.

To put up as a whole, Education system needs to be refined so as to not give extra burden on the students as to what to prepare for and for not, as what we state boards of these states do.

Also, it needs Sheer passion and enthusiasm along with the Fire inside to achieve your dreams. There are examples of people clearing IIT.

Remember records are meant to be broken!! 😛

I hope in future Telangana students lead by example for other candidates and get a tough fight from other state students.

All the best! 🙂

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