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Testing Techniques for Guidance

Testing techniques for guidance are the means for a person to demonstrate his or her abilities. Furthermore, it also reveals the hidden aptitude and interests. As the person did not get enough opportunities in his life to show it. Moreover, testing techniques have various uses.

testing techniques

For instance, testing techniques can b for the classification of pupils into sections. It can also determine which student has a special ability in a certain field. Furthermore, it can also help evaluate teaching methods and the progress of people with similar abilities. There are various testing techniques for guidance:

Aptitude Test

Aptitude is a trait or an individual’s ability to perform a certain task on a certain level. Furthermore, the Aptitude test determines the aptitude or the efficiency of a person to conduct a specific job. Furthermore, the counselors conduct an aptitude test in order to reveal a person’s special ability. Moreover, it encourages the special abilities or potentials of an individual. Most Noteworthy it may also assist a person in making career and life decisions. There are three types of Aptitude tests:

  • Special aptitude tests
  •  Vocational aptitude tests
  • Scholastic aptitude tests

Special aptitude tests- These tests are for the measurement for the individual’s mental abilities. Furthermore, it determines whether a person has a unique ability to perform a task.

Vocational aptitude tests- Vocational aptitude tests measure a wide variety of abilities of a person. For instance, the Differential Aptitude test which is one of the most used vocational tests. This measures mechanical, abstract, verbal, numerical reasoning. Furthermore, it also measures language usage, clerical speed, accuracy, and spatial relations.

Scholastic aptitude test- Scholastic aptitude test measures the ability of a person to perform in academics.


Interest is a process that motivates a person to perform a task. Furthermore encourages a person to learn, guide him in academics and is important for success in life. Moreover, Interest is a psychological state of mind that can change a person’s ability in doing a job. The four-phase model of Interest guides interventions and capitalize on the existing interest. The four interest enhancing interventions are:

  • Attention-getting settings
  • Contexts evoking prior individual interest
  • Problem-based learning
  • Enhancing utility value


Personality plays a vital role in a person’s way of performing or conducting a duty. The personality of the person defines his or her background. Moreover, it tells us about the person’s educational learning and communication techniques. There are various personality test techniques that can analyze the overall personality of a person.

  • Subjective methods
  • Objective methods
  • Projective methods
  • Psycho-analytical methods
  • Physical Test methods or Physiological methods

Subjective methods- This method discloses the personal traits of a person. For example, his aims, experiences, attitude, need and interest. This will help the counselor to get a better picture of the person and assign a task suitable to him

Objective methods- The objective method is more related to a person’s behavior in real-life situations. Furthermore, the person’s personality trait comes in action and is analyzed by the examiner. For instance, psychological measures, rating skills, and miniature life situations are some of the objective methods.

Projective methods- In this method the person does not have to tell his personality traits. But in this, the person has to behave in an imaginative way such as making up a story. As a result, this will reveal the hidden moods, feelings of a persona and could also determine his fantasies.

Psycho-analytical methods- This method was by the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. There are two types of tests in this:

  1. Free Association Test
  2. Dream Analysis Method

Physical Test methods or Physiological methods- To test a personality in this method the following instruments are used:

  1. Pneumograph
  2. Plethysmograph
  3. Shymograph
  4. Electrocardiograph
  5. Electroencephalograph
  6. Graphology
  7. Electromyogram

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