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I just stopped in the last article of the IIT Trilogy for a particular reason – Chemistry needed a bit more of analysis. Given the fact that it has three sub-branches and saps most of the time for the students out there, I believe I need to give the crux of all matter such that you only get the relevant topics and books and go through them. Thus, I am back starting with the Books for Chemistry and then diving to one of the most awaited parts – Coaching.

JEE: Best Books for Chemistry

  • For Chemistry, again NCERT should be the starter followed by different books according to the disciplines.
  • Inorganic Chemistry should be read from Sudarshan Guha’s adapted Concise Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee.
  • Organic Chemistry requires you to follow up with Morrison and Boyd for the concepts and detailed theory while Physical Chemistry has no exact book to refer though Bruce Mahan’s University Chemistry comes quite close, but read selectively from it.
  • For problems, Concise Inorganic Chemistry, V. Joshi; Advanced Problems in Organic Chemistry, Akshay Chaudhary; and Problems in Physical Chemistry, Ranjeet Shahi shall provide you with variety and give you a good exposure of the questions.

Finally, there comes the question of Coaching. I have heard it multiple times and having been asked to comment on the pros and cons with different people placing their bets on their preferences, I would like to take up the middle path with a bit of spice, of course.

Yes, coaching indeed helps. With faculty having years of experience, and institutes of Kota abounding with teachers who are IITians themselves, it gives you an edge over all else. The amount of knowledge and tricks you get from the faculty out there is way more than what you can gain at home. Faculty who have been teaching ‘only one’ section (you read it right, not one subject but one chapter or so), you get very specific and in-depth knowledge of the area of study. Further, experience in the coaching industry and being in the JEE system for years indeed helps.

Moreover, you would be able to attend Test Series and other doubt clearing sessions as well throughout the session with the direct support from the faculty community. Thus, it has an edge obviously.

Now, going for the part where you can actually crack JEE without being coached. JEE requires time and dedication, and worship perhaps. Yes, with perseverance and hard work you can work individually for JEE and crack it. The books shall be your friends and with numerous websites and online forums for doubt clearing, you may be able to crack it. But, remember to take up at least one Test Series of a Kota-based or well-known institute to be groomed up through the two years of study with a channelized approach. Always analyze the questions and types where you falter and find ways how you may overcome them. Give ample time to all varieties of answers – the one you guessed and also the one you attempted with an obnoxiously long approach. Do not skip on items, lest you shall find yourselves somewhere in mediocrity.

This ends the trilogy of the panoramic session about IIT-JEE Entrance Examination, known by its multiple names across disciplines and demography. I hope this provides you with a skin-depth idea of JEE, and as I update through the nuances further including the approach to different types of questions, ways to read through the question paper and much more about JEE, remain tuned. Just make sure that you remain on the track of importance throughout your studies and stick to the love for which you are here.

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