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Sometimes reality is more surreal than fiction; sometimes misery has more hope than happiness; sometimes poverty has more ambition than success. Only sometimes dreams come alive and one such dream is “the story of super 30”. This is a story written in impecunious soil of a town in Bihar that has now inked its existence at global echelon.

Success Story of Super 30

It all started 11 years back when Anand Kumar, a Mathematician, dreamt of bringing students from underprivileged society closer to their aspirations. Even the most optimistic people would have shunned the thought but Anand Kumar kept his belief that success does not differentiate between rich or poor. The talent just needs to be shown the right path and success will eventually follow. So inclined was Anand Kumar towards Mathematics that in 1992 he initiated a Mathematics Society named ‘Ramanujam School of Mathematics’. During the course of time he realised that several commendable and exceptionally brilliant students failed at IIT JEE. The reasons for their failure could be attributed to poverty and lack of devotion which stood in the way of these students.

Anand kumar

We know that IIT JEE is the most stringent competitive exam in India mandatory for entry to world renowned Indian Institute of Technology. It requires years of preparation and dedication to crack this exam. Anand Kumar realised that though these students from impoverished families had the talent but they lacked devotion to clear IIT JEE. This thought led him to form a group of 30 students from socially backward families and structured his first batch of Super 30 in 2002. These students were provided exemplary training essential to crack JEE along with lodging facilities for the whole year. Their hard work and perseverance bore fruit when eighteen out of the thirty students cracked IIT JEE 2013. Super 30 achieved what it aimed at and so did the students. Now the whole country knew about this special batch that Anand Kumar ran from a modest town.

Read more about Anand Kumar here.

The success story became a ritual when each subsequent year more and more students from the Super 30 batch nailed the test. The country saluted the efforts of this young entrepreneur whose Super 30 registered a 100% success result for three consecutive years from 2008 to 2010.  Even global media could not help but take notice of this outstanding batch and their mentor. Appreciation and attention showered from all over the world on Anand Kumar and his Super 30. They were graced with awards and recognition. Since then Anand Kumar has been a part of several global summits where he was acknowledged for his endeavour. He has presided over conferences to share his belief and zeal behind forming Super 30.

The accomplishments of Super 30 have made it an immensely competitive place itself and so an entrance for this batch was launched.  The entrance is held during the month of May in Patna and only top thirty in this test qualifies for Super 30. Similar entrance to Super 30 in other states was launched recently. Today Super 30 has become synonymous with success and has managed to establish a place for itself among top coaching destinations for IIT JEE.

Born in a humble city of Patna, Super 30 has become a heaven for JEE aspirants whose dreams never saw the light of the day due to poverty and social background.

The man behind Super 30 is an inspiration for all who believe that talent has no address but it takes the right attitude to find and achieve it. Super 30 is a blessing in disguise for many students and will remain so in the years to come.

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