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Taking a drop year: Not that easy!

Taking the dreaded drop year is not easy, especially since most of your friends and classmates leave for college, leaving you alone to face an uphill task-studying the same topics for the same exams. However, every cloud has a silver lining, and dropping a year is no exception.

When I couldn’t get into the IITs the first time I gave the JEE Advanced exam, needless to say, I was very disappointed. However, I took up the idea of dropping a year and studying again as it was my dream to get into the IITs. What followed in the next one year was not easy,but there were also many awesome things which I did apart from studies.

To-do things in the drop year:

With no pressure of board exams or that of school exams, I could focus my attention wholly on preparing for the JEE exams. As a result, I got quite some free time for indulging myself in other activities.

The first thing I did was learn how to play a guitar. You may try and learn any musical instrument but take care that it doesn’t eat up too much of your preparation time. Learning music not only refreshes your mind but it also keeps away negative thoughts and helps to keep a healthy mental state, which aids in your preparation. Though I didn’t master it completely, yet three to four hours a week for quite some time helped me learn about the basics of guitar.

Apart from learning musical instruments, people also try out meditation. Meditation is a great and effective way of reducing tension. It helps lower blood pressure level and improves concentration level. Studying for any competitive exam can be tough, especially with very less friends to bank upon, and it can put immense stress on oneself. However, a few minutes of meditation refreshes and rejuvenates oneself and is very helpful in such times.

Moreover, I explored Facebook and came to know of students who were droppers like myself. We gave each other inspiration. We even formed a group where we solved each other’s problems and numericals which someone could not solve or explained concepts which someone had difficulty understanding. Thus a group of people from different parts of India who had no idea about each other a few days back became partners in clearing one of the toughest examinations in the country. However, we also ensured that we did not spend too much time on Facebook and only used it as a means to solve our doubts.

Apart from these, I love reading and nothing can come close to my joy of reading books. Although I could not fulfill my crave for reading books during that year, yet I made sure that I did not completely ignore it. Once or twice a month, I used to reward myself with a book. From novels to fiction, I spent my leisure time surrounded by mysteries and thrilling stories and it was definitely a good time when I was immersed in them.

Thus, pursuing your hobby is definitely one the things you can do when you drop a year. However, you must take utmost care that you do not spend too much time on it – in college you will get plenty of opportunities to hone your skills or pursue your hobby. However, getting involved in some useful activities is definitely helpful than whiling away your time in social media. It helps you take a break from the monotonous studies and also prevent any negative thoughts from creeping into your mind. Thus,there are many awesome things to do in a drop year, and you should definitely try out some of them in your free time.

Taking a drop year is certainly not easy, and it’s more difficult to convince our parents to let us take one. Read about how to convince them here.

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