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“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.”

Well, contrary to the general perception, most of the IIT students also believe in it. Studying for the whole day and completing the assigned tasks on time has become a thing of the past. Indeed, this leisure time is a major motivation for all students preparing for the Joint Entrance Examination.

We’ve put together a list of things IITians do in their leisure time. Enjoy the read.

Things IITians Do in Their Leisure Time

Movie/TV Series Marathons

IITians ensure that they have watched all those movies and TV series, which they missed because of their JEE preparation. Go through the contents of their laptops and you may find the rarest of movies. The internal hubs have a plethora of all kinds of movies, software, and whatnots. Students are as consistent in completing all the seasons of TV series as they were busy studying during their JEE preparation. Lying comfortably on the bed and staring at the laptop for the whole night is no rare event. For some of them, watching “Game of Thrones” and “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” is probably more important than completing their assignments. And mind you, it is merely a one-day task. Most of the hostel councils have a projector and home theater system. It makes the experience even better when a group of friends watch movies together for the whole night with chips and cold drinks!

Computer Games

Students in IITs are so fond of gaming that many of them have special gaming laptops. ‘Firing in the hole’ in “Counter Strike” or scoring a goal in “FIFA 16” can make their day. Most of the students buy an optical mouse, not for using Solidworks for educational purposes but for their gaming requirements. Internal networks provide the perfect platform for multiplayer gaming. Students connect to a common server by communicating through Facebook or Whatsapp groups and then showcase their gaming skills at the institute. Their innovation and sense of humor is reflected in the wacky player names’ chosen by them as well. Special Gaming Nights are also held for healthy intra-hostel and inter-hostel rivalries to flourish. You can sense the level of competition by the fact that some students are more popular by their player names rather than their actual names.

Long Conversations, Popularly Referred to as ‘Bakar’

When they have nothing to do, most of them prefer to go to a friend’s room and have a light conversation. Some of the chats even turn intense, and you can hear long debates and passionate arguments. Well for many of them, they don’t need to walk to a friend’s room for passing their time as some of the students in IITs literally live in their friends’ room. All these chitchats are made possible because of the hostel culture. Almost each and every student, be it a freshman or a senior, undergraduate or postgraduate, girl or boy, prefers to live in hostels inside the campus because of their awesomeness. Bakar with friends is one of the best parts of the hostel life!


Sports activities are an inseparable part of an IITian’s life. Most of the students at some point in time of their college life indulge in sports activities. In some IITs, sports are taught as a part of the academic curriculum in the first year. World-class sports facilities ensure that students enjoy their time. In IITs, one can easily find Olympic-size swimming pools, wooden badminton courts, well-equipped gyms, indoor basketball and volleyball courts, high-quality pool, and tennis tables, etc. Inter-IIT sports tournament, a very prestigious one, is held every year. Students work very hard the whole year to win a medal for their college in these matches. Inter-hostel competitions also encourage students to take part in sports. During summer vacations, a summer school of sports is organized for students to learn something new and also sharpen their sportsman skills.

Cultural Activities

Cultural activities are something that everyone finds fascinating and wants to be good at. Being in an IIT, a student gets ample opportunities to learn, cultivate and showcase his/her cultural skills. Inter-hostel competitions are a serious affair and students practice for months for the pride of their hostels. Many other events are also organised all round the year by student bodies, normally referred to as clubs, for encouraging everyone to take part in activities.

.. And Some ‘Funny Stuff’ :p

Let’s face it, no college in the world is immune to the ‘funny stuff,’ isn’t it? Well, bowing to reader sensitivities, it suffices to say that there’s also a lot of this ‘humor quotient’ going down at IITs! 😀 It could be anything from a little bit of fun ragging, giving nicknames, interesting friendships (pun intended) to student pangas (we mean, the shouting matches and hullabaloo).

Studying at IITs is a unique experience. The things that IITians do in their leisure time, the kinds of people you meet here and all the hilarious things that happen in hostels ensure that these years become the best part of your life!

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