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Bucketlist of Things to do at the IITs:

There is so much hype about getting into a premiere institution like IITs that students dedicate several years to JEE exam preparations. Days are spent in one infinite loop of classes and mess. Quizzes, assignments, presentations and term papers are constantly knocking on their doors. Every year, millions of children give up on sleep, sport and much more to prepare for one of the toughest entrance tests on the planet—the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Joint Entrance exam.

Once this herculean task of clearing the exam and getting into an IIT is over, which is the ultimate goal, students often think it is an end in itself. But of course, it is not an end – it is actually the beginning – the beginning of crazy entertainment and fun. The four years at the IIT are something you will never forget. Make sure to benefit from the study experience and also create memories that will remain etched in your heart forever.

Assuming this to be true, I have made a to-do list of things you need to do for making the most of your time on the campus. Go ahead, take a look.

Don’t stick to geekiness, please!

Look, you just can’t be a recluse or a book worm at IITs. It doesn’t work that way. Get over your ego, build trust and understanding and accept colleagues as they are. Discuss your dreams and things you are passionate about with your friends. Know more about what they want to do in lives too. Let your hair down once in a while. Sometimes, it’s wise to make a fool of yourself and let your control dissolve.

Make food your bae

Become the ultimate gourmet guide for others. Try out food from roadside Dhabas and gather info on the best and most affordable places to eat. Walk across the hostel zone exploring all the eateries; that’s the right approach, foodies! Once this is accomplished, you’ll understand that IIT life isn’t boring after all. Whether it’s samosa, chocolate mousse, filter coffee, or chicken lollipops, we bet you can still keep it all under 100-200 bucks. That’s a skill, for sure!

Play time, folks!

How many times did you pass by the ball badminton court without ever giving it a second look? Did I just hear many times? Go there, team up with a regular and use all your gully badminton skills to learn this sport. If you are too lazy to play, pick a side to cheer. Once the match gets over and the lights go off, stay back to star-gaze at the sky and reflect on life, the universe and everything. You can also become an active member of at least one club or organization at your IIT. Choose something that matches your interest area. Do everything, but just don’t bore yourself.

Give your cycle that much-delayed repair and go cycling 

Since legally, you aren’t allowed to use powered vehicles on the campus, make cycles your Lamborghinis and Porsches. Take your buddies everywhere whenever you can. Take your mini vehicle to the cycle shop near the nukkad, pour some oil to the chains and give it some fresh air! Pun intended. Follow this with a long cycle ride. Your cycle will be forever grateful.

Midnight Strolls (Caution required)

There is nothing more thrilling than walking around the campus at midnight. How about some horror music playing from the earphones plugged into your phone? The possibility of you making it back alive is fairly good unless you are kidnapped by a blood-thirsty vampire. So, the next time you are fed up by the assignment deadlines, simply get out of your hostel and walk around the campus. It’ll definitely lighten up your mood. Expert advice here: be as quiet as a mouse otherwise you might just invite the wrath of college vigilantes.

Enjoy your freedom while it lasts

Play pranks – harmless ones. Try something that no one has tried before. Whether it’s Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Oonch-neech, Vish-Amrit or Chain Chain, revisit your childhood games with your friends and let loose. You could also sit out on a breezy night and read a book you like or sleep on the roof of your hostel when it’s raining. Warning: It’s risky, and you have to make sure that you don’t get caught!

Use the four years well – work hard, learn hard, and play hard – and let this growth help you define your goals after graduation and the bigger life-goals.

Enjoy your time at the IITs. Life is too short to take things seriously or be in control all the time. Don’t care about what people say about you. Just keep yourself a fun person.

IITs are famous for the geekiness of their students. However, there are a lot of fun things that go on there! Read about them here.

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