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Hello all! After yet another year, the season of results is upon us. Now is the time that colleges, boards and institutes will bombard the students with a summary of what they did in the hours of the examination. Doubtlessly, everyone’s throat will be getting dry as results get near. So here, we bring for you a list of things to do while waiting for results.

Things to do while waiting for results:

Most of us have faced the tremor of result at least once in our lives. No doubt, waiting for your examination result to come in, is indeed very stressful. It is a common scene of caffeine binging, sleepless nights and stress overriding your mind especially when results are knocking at the door. At times, the pressure of waiting for exam result becomes more stressful than to actually sit for it, isn’t it?

Moreover, it is crucial to craft a poised time period between your entrance and result, where you have balanced doses of peace and productivity. Here are a few tips that I found helpful.

The foremost thing that is needed to keep in mind after you pack home is not to let sluggishness subdue your orderly schedule. Needless to say, we definitely grow those wings of freedom after writing the entrance exam until result tremor triggers. Therefore, to keep it balanced, we must make a timetable of our daily chores and work on it to perfect it. The best way to do so is prioritising your goals. Everyone works differently, so, the best use of your free time really depends on you, your working style, and what’s on your to-do list. You must learn the art of self-distraction. Keep yourself busy, busy with things that can mould the better in you. Joining subsidiary courses related to your interest, or hobbies that enhances your skills are a help to keep you occupied.

Another important aspect is to keep it positive. The big benefit is that it lowers stress, a pretty useful thing when it comes to the days of waiting for result. “If you are struggling why not do something as simple as smiling?” A bit of science can help explain it better, when you smile a chemical called endorphin is released, which reduces the stress hormone Cortisol. So the more you smile the less stress stressed you become! Adding to it, you must be expressive. You should talk to others about your worries, it can be anyone, a friend, parent, guide, anyone you trust. Just don’t keep it bottled up. It is better to let your anxiety out slowly and at your own pace instead of it being released spontaneously, finding yourself out of control.

Also, you must realise that what is done is done. None of it is going to change. No matter how much you want to go back in time or try change your answers, you cannot. There is literally no point looking on vague hopes. Fear stifles our thinking and actions. It creates indecisiveness that results in stagnation. As wise men chant, “you work, and you will be paid accordingly.” is true for all. Don’t let indecisiveness stagnant your goals and aspirations. You need be focussed and prepare for a better tomorrow. It is crucial to make good use of your time to keep pace with the speeding competition and keep yourself poised for you need to fly high!

One of the most productive use of your time in this period is to learn something new, like languages. They will help you a lot, and open up many doors in the future! Have a look at the benefits of learning a new language.

Best of luck!

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