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I dare you to think bigger, to act bigger, and to be bigger, and I promise you a richer and more exciting life if you do. ~ WILLIAM DANFORTH

Trust me, it all begins with a single thought…

The one major factor that separates most JEE toppers from the rest begins with a single motivating thought. This single thought of looking at the bigger picture — if cultivated — grows over time and eventually takes over students’ psychology, and motivates them towards the achievement of their goals. Similar is the case with your JEE preparation.

Why You Need to Think Like a Child

At times, thinking about the future and the ultimate destination isn’t easy to do from our limited perspective. We are who we are, and thinking beyond the current circumstances just might not be a part of our nature.

The key to shifting your perspective and developing the habit of thinking about the future involves stepping outside of yourself and into another persona. It’s essentially becoming someone you are not, yet someone who will help you see things a little BIGGER, better and far more creatively.

Whether you are unwell, performing badly in your college exams or feeling demotivated due to some reason, think like a child who only sees possibilities amidst the turmoil. Step into the shoes of JEE toppers, and you will immediately gain a different perspective about your preparations. You will immediately begin to think more clearly and problematically.

Understand one thing: In order to think about the final output, you must think from the perspective of having no limitations and no fears. Whenever you feel depressed or stuck, think about the time when you will and get into the IITs; think of the proud moment for you and your family. It works like a magic trick for many to keep themselves motivated in their sometimes-dreary JEE preparation.

Beware of Limiting Habits: They Will Only Mess Up Your JEE Preparation

Ensure that you get rid of some habits that will only constrict your ability to think big about your life and circumstances. Stop fussing about insignificant events and circumstances in unproductive ways; it will drain all your positive energies from the inside out.

If you tend to procrastinate for having fun in the present, it will only hold you back and pull you away from moving forward in your life. Short-term thinking denies you the ability to see solutions that lie a few steps ahead. Thinking about the future will never become a reality if you continue to make excuses for your mistakes and start over-analyzing things.

Your Saviour: Solution-Oriented Thinking

Thinking about the results or getting into IITs is often about finding solutions, answers, and ideas that will break down the problematic walls that are standing in your way. Solution-oriented thinking involves asking valid questions that will expand possibilities and open ourselves to alternative perspectives that have never been considered before.

You don’t need to fret over details at first, or what cannot be done. Instead, focus on the big picture and on the possibilities of bringing an idea to fruition. Ask effective questions that will break down your goals into workable parts — making them practical in real-life scenarios.

Making Bold & Big Decisions

Those who think big are not unrealistic thinkers who take crazy risks. If you really give it a thought, JEE toppers are often smart thinkers who make sure to weigh up the consequences of their decisions thoroughly before taking action. So, make bold and BIG decisions on a daily basis that others may not openly support. It could be a marathon studying session or doodling to remember concepts (no matter what people think about your decisions). Your goals must be believable, achievable and must effectively follow the SMART FOR ME goal setting method.

There will be moments during your JEE preparation when you’ll get bored and frustrated considering its vast syllabus and topic complexity. During that time, the best thing to do is imagine the day when you’ll be in your dream institute – IIT. Not just this, think about the life after getting a degree from IITs – branded placement, hefty pay package, and lavish life. The satisfaction of being associated with a brand and its benefits is the biggest motivation.

In the end, looking at the bigger picture requires forward thinking. Achievers think several steps ahead, several moves in advance and several years into the future. They understand that life is simply like a game of chess. If you do not have the ability to think several moves ahead, then you haven’t as yet successfully cultivated the habit of thinking about the future.

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