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The Class 10 board exams are just around the corner and I’m sure you’re all neck-deep in your books. Given the importance of Class 10 results, everyone aims to score the maximum. However, very few succeed in achieving this feat. Their secret is planning their everyday schedule to meet the goal. The trick is to effectively manage time at the same time avoid distractions and unproductive activities so that you have no regrets later. To help you excel in your board exams, we’ve come up with the best daily timetable for grade 10 and also some useful tips.

Here we go.

What is the best daily timetable for grade 10?

6 AM: Get up and finish your daily chores. Do some light exercises for enhanced focus. Find some time to read the daily newspaper.

7 AM: Take up a subject that you’re weak at. Morning is the best time to grasp and learn new things as your mind is at the sharpest after a good night’s sleep. Study for at least two hours.

9 AM: Take a break. Have a healthy and nutritious breakfast. Don’t eat junk or oily food or you’ll feel sleepy. Remember, studies should be your sole focus at this point in time.

9.20 AM: Quickly do a 10-minute revision of what you studied in the morning.

9.30 AM: Now, move on to a scoring subject like Mathematics or Chemistry. You can take each on alternate days or study each daily for an hour.

11.30 AM: Take half an hour to revise everything that you studied in the last session.

12:00 Noon: Lunch Break. Again, remember to eat light.

12.30 PM: You may take a power nap to re-charge your batteries and have a go at the next session with a fresh mind.

1.30 PM: Now that your brain is sharp, you may attempt solving Physics equations as this is the time you can put in the maximum energy into studies. Stretch this session to two and a half hours.

4 PM: Take a tea/coffee break and rest for half an hour.

4.30 PM: Take up a subject that you’re confident about. Your focus might not be at the peak so studying a ‘safe subject’ is ideal at this time.

6.30 PM: Go for some sports or fun activities like walking, swimming, etc. You need to constantly rejuvenate your brain so that it doesn’t get bogged down.

7.30 PM: Practice writing. In the 10th board examination, you’d be writing a lot, that too for long hours. Therefore, it’s critical that you practice writing in a neat and legible handwriting. Take my word, neat and well-spaced handwriting does leave a favourable impression on everyone.

8.30 PM: Devote some time to the languages or read a good English book. Reading good books will immensely improve your knowledge and understanding of written English.

9.30 PM: Have your dinner.

10.00 PM: Go to sleep. You may drink a glass of hot milk as it induces an undisturbed sleep.

So this is the best timetable for grade 10 for weekdays. On weekends you must revise and skim through everything that you studied during the week.

It’s imperative to remember that studying is equivalent to a profession. It requires not only the technical knowledge but also the skill to keep oneself fit and healthy. Therefore, incorporating good and healthy eating habits and maintaining a proper exercising/playing schedule are equally important. Just don’t forget: “all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.”

You must commit yourself to a proper schedule like this and you will see an immense improvement in the subsequent tests. With strategies like these, you will achieve the target of getting a perfect 10 CGPA easily in any exam, and not just in your 10th board exams.

Few Tips for Enhancing your Performance

  • Read only trusted and recommended reference books. Don’t get confused by referring to a lot of books. Remember, too many cooks spoil the broth.
  • Don’t waste precious time in watching cartoons/movies. Instead, read English newspapers or watch an English News Channel to get a good command of the English language as well as to increase your general knowledge.
  • Consistent practice is the key to success. So regularly practice solving the numerical problems, or practice writing sections in English, etc.
  • Always keep a dictionary with you while reading books. Constantly try to learn new words from it, thereby improving your vocabulary.
  • Always eat healthy nutritious food and exercise daily for keeping your brain and body constantly active and alert.

It’s a fact that the 10th standard board exams are extremely important and so is choosing a good board after 10th.

All the best!



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