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Studying Smarter: Some Tips for AIIMS 2018

Which medical students worth their salt don’t want to study at an AIIMS institute? It’s a no-brainer, all of them would love to, right? Getting an admission in any AIIMS college is a dream-come-true for any aspiring medical student and gateway to a flourishing career in medicine. However, AIIMS is considered to be one of the toughest entrance exams in India, and the competition is very stiff for the limited number of available seats. So, the stakes are that much higher with the AIIMS entrance test. In this article, we bring you tips for AIIMS 2018 entrance exam.

Let’s first understand the AIIMS exam pattern to get more clarity and better results.

AIIMS Exam Pattern

The AIIMS Entrance Test is a computer-based exam, which has 200 multiple-choice objective type questions from Physics (60 questions), Chemistry (60 questions), Biology (60 questions) and General Knowledge (20 questions). Every correct answer gives you one mark, and for every incorrect answer, 1/3 mark is deducted. The duration of the exam is 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Tips for AIIMS 2018

Here are some tips for AIIMS 2018 entrance exam, that will hopefully help you get through with flying colors.

  1. Back to Basics

Most of the questions asked in the AIIMS exam are from the NCERT 11th & 12th standard Physics, Chemistry & Biology books. So, if your fundamentals from school are right, then half the battle is won.

  1. Understand the Syllabus

It’s critical to thoroughly know the syllabus for the test so that you don’t waste precious time and effort on irrelevant material. Since most of it is from the NCERT books, you can compare the NCERT syllabus with your board exam syllabus. That way, you don’t have to prepare for the common chapters separately.

  1. Study Material

There is an enormous amount of study material available for AIIMS. Hence, it becomes critical to pick the reference books for the AIIMS’ 2018 exams wisely. First and foremost, NCERT Physics, Chemistry and Biology books for 11th and 12th standard are a must for AIIMS exam preparation. Check out a detailed list of AIIMS 2018 books here.

  1. Subject-Wise Plan

You must plan your strategy carefully for different subjects viz. Physics, Chemistry & Biology. Here are a few pointers on how to prepare separately for them:

Physics This subject tests your analytical skills. The physics questions in the AIIMS exam are advanced, but if your concepts are clear, then you have no reason to worry. Practice as many Assertion & Reasons questions as you can.

Chemistry In the past, most of the questions have been NCERT-based. Hence, refer to NCERT books for practice. Other than that, you can always rely on the exhaustive list of books given under the ‘Study Material’ section above.

Biology Follow NCERT & the Trueman’s series of books.

General Knowledge Don’t devote too much time to GK as it carries only 20 marks. Hence, it’s wiser to focus more on Physics, Chemistry & Biology and give half an hour daily to a newspaper or current affairs magazine to stay in the loop on all the latest happenings.

  1. Be Meticulous

Once you’ve gone through the study material and are confident about the fundamental concepts, begin the actual preparation. Solve objective type questions from some good books, which have the correct answers printed on the back. Compare your answers with the given solutions. This practice will give you a reality check about your preparations and help you identify your improvement areas.

  1. Sample Papers

You must solve a lot of sample papers and previous years’ question papers as you will have to answer 200 questions in 210 minutes, which is as good as one minute per question. Hence, time management is critical in AIIMS exams. There are a lot of mock papers available on the internet. You must aim to solve these papers within the stipulated time so that you can improve your speed and know the sections that consume more time. Take sample tests a month before the exam date as this will build your confidence for the exams.

  1. Know Your Strengths & Weaknesses

You must know your strengths & weaknesses. E.g. If you’re strong in physics but average in chemistry and weak in biology, then you can turn your weaknesses into strengths for a good overall score by focussing on your improvement areas.

  1. Don’t Ignore General Knowledge Completely

Apart from the main subjects, you also need to stay abreast of the current affairs for the GK section of the exam. To achieve this, you must meticulously go through newspapers every day, subscribe to a weekly or monthly news magazine and pay attention to the science sections. Set aside half an hour every day for this.

  1. Time Management

You must create a daily schedule while preparing for the AIIMS entrance exam and make sure you devote equal time to all subjects and topics. A strict timetable will ensure that you don’t miss out on any important sections.

  1. Revision

Revising every topic multiple times is very critical, and the number of times you need to review depends on your capacity and intelligence. Keep going over the same material until you are confident about the subject. Also, revise diverse themes and subjects simultaneously so that your mind becomes alert and flexible enough to switch between multiple topics. Take rest at regular intervals; and after you have called it a day, try to memorise the entire day’s topics mentally.

  1. Join a Coaching Class

For a more professional approach to the preparations for AIIMS, you can join a coaching class. But remember that every individual has different improvement areas. Select a coaching class that specialises in the subject you need help with. Choosing a coaching class wisely will ensure that you get the maximum benefit out of it. Also, don’t spend a fortune on coaching. You could opt for a decent coaching centre in your locality or even an online learning portal that meets your needs.

These were some tips for AIIMS 2018. Hopefully, these will help you fulfil your dream of cracking the AIIMS Entrance Exam. We wish you all the best in your endeavours. 🙂

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