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All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT), the paramount medical examination that have kept students trolling for past few decades, has its own charm in a number of ways. Being one of the mightiest medical examination conducted all over India this exam has created a lot of pressure over students. The chances of clearing the AIPMT in the first attempt is minimal. The examination admits students on the basis of merit into MBBS and BDS courses. Post counselling and on the basis of the student’s rank, a college is assigned. As gigantic the AIPMT examination might be, the rate of failure at the first attempt is large. But positivity should be inherited from the bad phases as well. If you couldn’t clear it in the first attempt, don’t be disheartened. Here are some tips for AIPMT repeaters.

AIPMT Repeaters:

What next? – Stage after disappointment from the first attempt of AIPMT

Once they fail to clear AIPMT, many students tend to try for state medical exams and other students who got BDS as an option, chose to take it as a career. But, in the case of students who are more than inclined to appear for AIPMT and elect to drop a year, below are some tips that can be adopted.

  • Ask yourself why you want to take a year’s drop. Think hard and clearly about your mission and analyze your strengths.
  • There are number of books that help to clear AIPMT. Do not confuse yourself with all the books and load yourself with tons of study material. All the books are nearly the same. Stick to limited books and revise them number of times.
  • Appear for mock tests several times a month. There is nothing preeminent than putting yourself on test and getting to know your loop holes.
  • Enroll yourself with a training institute (even online coaching helps). Hard work is important and underestimating the requirement of coaching classes is not a good option. They will direct you well though your goal.
  • Entering into panic state and stress is not good for health as well as your studies. Failing is a part of job and part of life as well. Learn from your mistakes rather than panicking.
  • Practice makes a man perfect and practicing will make you less vulnerable to small errors. This does not mean that you are unaware of the concepts but that you are polishing your concepts.
  • Time Management: One of the biggest tools and one of the most efficient tools. if you are one of the AIPMT repeaters. Managing your time optimally is the need of the hour and absolute necessity. A proper schedule helps you understand the power of scheduling time. Take topics part by part. Synchronize your syllabus according to your schedule and cover the learning in shortest time possible. You probably didn’t clear AIPMT the last time because you didn’t manage your time well. Learning time management helps AIPMT repeaters develop discipline which helps them crack the exam.
  • Revision: Revision should be done like drinking a glass of water every day. Make sure whatever you learn every day is revised by the end of the day. If not every day then at least do revision at least twice a week. Revision makes a person aware of their loopholes and then they can learn from the mistakes made.
  • Cram NCERT: NCERT should be your friend for all your preparation time. Keep your focus on all the NCERT books and then shift it to entrance books.
  • Practice multiple choice questions numerous times. MCQs are the way to uplift your frequency of answering the questions.
  • Tie yourself with a sport of choice as it will keep your metabolism fit and increase your stamina. Body activity is important and you should once in a day embrace nature.

All the AIPMT repeaters have one thing in common, they have failed once. But that is not important. What is important is if they can use their failure as a stepping stone to success.

If you are still confused about taking a drop year, don’t be. Get some help by taking to friends 🙂

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