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The classroom is the place of action for the students and the teachers. A classroom must be well-organized. It should be turned into a place of learning and this article deals with some techniques to do the Classroom Organization.

Arranging Space

The space inside the classroom must be optimally utilized by the teacher. The arrangement of the space must be a reflection of the teacher as well as the student’s beliefs.

The teacher can decide the way in which the students’ benches are arranged around their desk depending on the way the discussions are to be held.

The teacher can also display their own plants, the students’ artwork, maps, etc. to make the atmosphere more lively.

classroom organization

Desk Placement

The desks must be arranged in such a way that maximum eye-contact is maintained with the class by the teacher. Teachers must also not hesitate to change the arrangement of desks occasionally to optimize the collaborations among the students and the teachers depending on the conditions.

Environmental Preferences

The environmental aspects like temperature, lighting, etc must also be considered while arranging the classroom. Students should be encouraged to move around so as they do not get body stressed sitting in the hard wooden chairs. The room lighting must also be suitably adjusted to help the students as per their needs. Temperature must also be set accordingly to help the students thrive.

Designing Classroom Space

Classrooms can be designed incorporating the design techniques mentioned above. Local materials can also be used to optimise the building space and also bring an innovation of sorts in designing the learning space.

This was the article on classroom organisation, for more such articles, follow us here.

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