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Almost all competitive exams in India witness a cut-throat competition and candidates often miss out on admissions in a college of their choice by a whisker. In this article, we bring you some useful tips and tricks to crack the WBJEE 2018. So, read on.

In 2017, approximately 1.27 lakh students appeared for the WBJEE Engineering entrance exam (for the 36,263 seats) and around 1.58 lakh took the Pharmacy entrance exam (for the 1085 seats). So, that’s the kind of brutal competition that you can expect in WBJEE.

Now, let’s get started with the WBJEE 2018 tips and tricks. We’ve compiled a list of some essential tips as well as subject-wise tips to crack WBJEE 2018. Here we go.

Essential Tips for WBJEE 2018

  1. Syllabus and Exam Pattern: Before you begin preparing for WBJEE 2018, it’s crucial that you familiarize yourself with the WBJEE 2018 Exam Pattern and the WBJEE 2018 Syllabus, Dates, and Eligibility.
  1. WBJEE Previous Years’ Papers: It’s critical that you solve as many WBJEE Previous Years’ Papers as possible to get the hang of the examination and also the type of questions that are asked in the test. Also, make it a point to solve past 25 years’ IIT-JEE question papers and AIEEE papers. Solving these papers is crucial because sometimes questions taken directly from these papers are given in the WBJEE exam.
  1. Time-Management: Managing time is one of the most important factors that would have a bearing on your score. Take as many online mock tests (or in your coaching class) as possible to master the exam time.
  1. Constant Revision: Preparing for WBJEE involves a study of a vast variety of topics in each subject. Hence, it’s critical that you revise a topic multiple times so that your brain’s recall power is optimum on exam day.
  1. Strengths & Weaknesses: You should regularly assess your preparation to understand your strengths and weaknesses. It also helps you work on your improvement areas for an overall good score.  
  1. No Guess Work: You must well be aware of the fact that WBJEE has negative marking for wrong answers. So, stay away from guesswork and attempt only those questions where you’re 100% confident, as negative marking can drastically affect your score.
  1. Join a Coaching Class: It’s a good idea to take formal coaching to prepare for WBJEE 2018. Coaching classes have a tried-and-tested formula and focus on regular homework and revision. They also conduct periodic assessment of your progress, encourage peer interaction and help clear your doubts. Joining an online, intelligent platform like Toppr might also be a good idea.

For your benefit, we’ve analyzed the WBJEE Previous Years’ Papers and compiled a table with subject-wise topics and the weightage (i.e. the percentage of questions asked from them) given to each of them at WBJEE. This chart will give you a clear picture about the ‘must-prepare’ topics for each subject to succeed at the WBJEE 2018.

WBJEE 2018- Important Topics & Weightage

Mathematics- Topic / Weightage Physics- Topic / Weightage Chemistry- Topic / Weightage
Vectors (7%) Current Electricity (7%) Chemical Kinetics (7%)
Probability (7%) Heat & Thermodynamics (6%) Chemical Bonding (6%)
Three-Dimensional Geometry (6%) Electrostatics (6%) Transition Elements – d& f block (6%)
Matrices Determinants (5%) Magnetic Effect of Current & Magnetism (6%) s-block Elements (6%)
Limits (5%) Work Energy Power (5%) General Organic Chemistry (6%)
Indefinite Integration (5%) Wave Motion (5%) p-block Elements (5%)
Sets, Relations & Functions (5%) Simple Harmonic Motion (5%) Redox Reactions (5%)
Definite Integration (5%) Physics of Nucleus (5%) Ionic Equilibrium (4%)
Theory of Equations (4%) Solids & Semiconductor Devices (5%) Chemical Equilibrium (4%)
Permutation & Combination (4%) Modern Physics -Atomic Models (5%) Coordination Compounds (4%)
Complex Numbers (4%) Center of Mass, Impulse & Momentum (5%) Carboxylic Acid & its Derivatives (4%)
Laws of Motion (4%) Alcohol Phenol Ether (4%)
Rotational Motion (4%) Chemical Thermodynamics (4%)

Now, let’s move on to the subject-wise tips for WBJEE 2018 to help you prepare for each subject.

Tips for the WBJEE Mathematics Section

Apart from the chapters mentioned above, some other topics that frequently find their way in the WBJEE question paper are Straight Lines, Parabola, Continuity & Differentiability, Differential Equation, Circles, Binomial Theorem, Dynamics, Sequence & Series, etc.

PRO Tip: Practice a lot of questions based on the topics mentioned above. Also, learn to solve probability problems using the tree method. Learn to solve problems and visualize them using graphs. We recommend all miscellaneous problems from the S.N. De books of classes XI and XII.

Tips for the WBJEE Physics Section

Apart from the chapters mentioned in the table, some other chapters that you must thoroughly prepare are Electromagnetic Induction, Ray Optics, Units Dimensions Errors, Vector Motions, etc.

PRO Tip: We suggest you solve a lot of problems on the topics mentioned above from any WBJEE level book that is recommended by the West Bengal Board for Secondary Exams. Also, devote a lot of time to topics like Modern Physics, Mechanics, Waves and Fluid Dynamics as these problems are comparatively easier and often feature in the WBJEE examination.

Tips for the WBJEE Chemistry Section

Solve questions from the NCERT books. Also, refer to the books recommended by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. You must thoroughly prepare sections like Name Reactions, Reaction Mechanisms of Organic Chemistry and conditions under which these reactions occur.

PRO Tip: Physical chemistry is relatively easy and the above books along with the one titled ‘Comprehensive Chemistry (for CBSE)’ will see you through the preparations. For Inorganic Chemistry, read everything from the books mentioned earlier and make it habit to look into complicated structures, explanations, etc. Questions regarding various orders and their explanations appear quite often in the papers, so make sure you are well-versed with them.

These were some of our tips for WBJEE 2018. We hope the above information was useful to you. Also, read our article on all you need to know about WBJEE to understand the entire process of the examination better.

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