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Schools are the foundation of future life. A school classroom can be seen as the first version of your future college classroom which can be termed as the base of your office. In each of these places, you have to impress the teacher / boss and you have to make sure your peers like you; or at least not hate you. These days, students are friendly, outspoken and have a unique way of presentation. And a classroom is where you will build your personality and learn new things. It is the base of your future life. As the new school year is about to begin, here are some tips to make an impression in your new class.

New School Year, New Beginning:

When a new school year begins, try to follow these tips to help you obtain quick attention of the teachers as well as classmates.


Smiling plays a vital role when you interact with your new classmates. Whether you are in higher secondary or elementary school, a smile will work in all the classes. The positive approach while walking inside the classroom creates an energetic aura. Everyone likes a student who smiles as they seem approachable. So smile at your classmates when you see them and when you approach them.


Be tidy and clean. You must wear a clean new dress which reflects how disciplined you are in life. Iron the dress and clean the shoes as they are watched closely by the teachers and captain of the house. It will not make you a teacher’s favorite instantly but if you don’t, the teacher will remember you as someone who isn’t disciplined and that is not the impression you want to create.

Keep school ID

Don’t forget to wear your identity card and house badge. Carry it with you at all times. This will help you in selecting the seat and row in your classroom.

Learn the nature of your teacher

Every teacher has a different method of teaching. It is good to be humorous at times but some are quite serious while introduction and on the first day. Don’t try to show off how smart you are on the first day. Try to understand the teacher’s expectations and then try to fulfill them.


It is necessary to participate in questions and answers session that runs between the students and teachers. Be active in the class. Don’t just sit in the back and waste your time away. Interacting with teacher will help you gain their attention. Also, it will make it easier to make friends. During a discussion, support your peers when you agree with them and politely point out a mistake, if any.

Carry your books

Take all the books and notebooks as per the instructions. You don’t want to seem like someone who didn’t carry their books. And try sharing your books with students who forgot theirs. It is a good way to make friends.

Ready to take responsibilities

If you make a mistake or goof up in any way, be ready to take responsibility. You may be scolded but it is far better than hiding behind another student. Also, when it comes to taking responsibility for a project or becoming a class monitor, nominate yourself. This will help you become a leader.

Avoid indiscipline behavior

If you are known for misbehaving in the previous class, remember that you have a chance to change that image. In the new school year, try to show everyone that you have changed. You will not get a better opportunity than this.

Try to help

It is not easy to make friends in a new class especially if you have moved into a new school. Try to help other students when they fall into some problem or confusion on the first day. Try to help them by lending pencils and pen. Try to help them in solving doubts. It will help you get along with your peers.

Clean your class

Students who keep their surroundings neat and clean are appreciated a lot. So leave your first impression as a clean and neat person.

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