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The present day world is changing at a very fast pace and this is the reason why it has become very difficult to keep up with various technologies which are being developed these days. From energy to medicine to agriculture, all types of advancements are fast being made on a regular basis and they are even changing the world quickly. This is one of the most important reasons why people should remain aware of the top 10 emerging technologies that can directly impact the lives of human beings on this planet within just a few years. The top 10 emerging technologies are as under:

1) In Vitro Meat:

The current system of getting meat is completely unsustainable. There are large quantities of resources which are being poured into slaughtering, transporting and feeding animals. This wastes energy and water in massive amounts. A good alternative to this kind of torture is in vitro meat which is made in a laboratory. The technology of making in vitro meat might be years away from the event of mass production but when this technology will arrive it will change everything.

2) Powered Exoskeletons:

If powered exoskeletons start being used in large amounts then people might not have to face the hassle of using a wheelchair. At present, the ReWalk- a powered exoskeleton comes as a great alternative to a wheelchair. Other varieties include Tek AMD and Hybrid Assistive Limb. These are revolutionary products which will be having a life-changing and immediate impact on people suffering from injuries of the spinal cord.

3) Brain-Controlled Computers:

It is completely magical to find that devices and computers can easily be controlled by the brain. A computer which can be controlled using the mind allows people without legs and arms to control an exoskeleton, a prosthetic or any other device in the best way possible. This is one technology that has the potential of changing the lives of disabled people.

4) Hyperloop:

Superfast transportation which is about to appear in the near future can theoretically carry passengers from Los Angeles to San Francisco in less than thirty-five minutes- a trip that takes not less than six hours. This would probably be a very expensive system but it could change lives for the better.

5) Genome Editing:

Most diseases are caused due to defective genes and the idea behind the use of genome editing is replacing such defective genes. This technology has been gaining good steam recently. This type of technological advancement has made it very easy to get rid of genetic diseases.

6) Solar Power:

Using alternative sources of energy is something that is being done by various companies on a very wide scale. This is because the world is fast being deprived of gasoline. The use of solar energy is helping in restoring gasoline and is also making a home-owner energy dependent.

7) Desalination:

Desalination is the new technology that has existed for some time now since the world is fast running short of fresh water. Salt water found in oceans is converted into fresh water and the leftover brine is further treated for the extraction of metals through desalination.

8) Tricorder:

A tricorder is a medical device which has the capacity of checking all the important organs of a patient and even helps in diagnosing various diseases. Efforts are being made towards making these devices cheap to be distributed in other developing countries lacking doctors and funds

9) Agricultural Drones:

Farming is a difficult job which requires hard work with unreliable and low returns. However, this scenario is fast being changed by the use of agricultural drones. They are flying cameras which are available at an affordable price. They are fast emerging as next generation tools for increasing crop yields and using less resources.

10) Nano Hybrid Super Capacitors

It is very difficult to store energy in large amounts but this has been made easy by the use of super capacitors which have the capacity of storing energy in large amounts. This research and development is quite promising and it is sure to change the lives of human beings in the near future.

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