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Physics has played a very crucial role in unraveling the mysteries of the universe and its constituents. The contribution of the physics is remarkable in discovering new facts and helped us in understanding mysteries of the universe. The study of the universe is termed as Physics, it reveals the various important facts about the universe. This field of science has helped us to understand the various concepts of macro and micro cosmos. Discoveries such as laws of gravity, Planck’s constant and natural unit of light have opened various secrets related to Physics. Here are the 5 mind blowing discoveries in Physics that will surely blow your mind:

Time stops at the speed of light

Theory of Special Relativity by Einstein suggests that time will stop if you are moving at the speed of light. Speed of light never changes, it moves at a constant speed of 3 x 10^8 m/sec. And it is obvious that nothing can move faster than light. Time dilation is the coolest part of the Special Relativity, which states that the faster you move, the slower time passes in relation to your surroundings. Time can slow down so much as if you move with the speed of light, time will not move at all. But, it is practically not possible for anyone to move at the speed of light, unless you are made of light.

Speed of Light - Time Dilation

All matter is energy
It has been proved that the energy and matter are the two sides of a same coin. According to Einstein’s mass energy equivalence, E = mc2, energy stored in any particular mass is determined by the conversion factor of c squared, where c is the speed of light. This indicates that the mass of any object increases as it approaches the speed of the light.

Quantum Entanglement
Quantum Entanglement
Quantum mechanics is the study of physics at the microscopic levels, including the behavior of subatomic particles. These are extremely small particles that are the building blocks for everything existing in this universe. Quantum entanglement is a process that for the connection between two or more subatomic particles in such a way that they become identical. The particles are linked together in such a way that measuring the quantum state of one particle determines the quantum states of the rest of the particles. This means that if you change the spin of one particle in an opposite direction, the other particles will react the same way, no matter where are they, this indicates that the information can be teleported anywhere in the universe.

Wave particle duality
At first glance, particles (like electrons) and waves (like light) cannot be the same. It is obvious that particles are solid state of matter, while the waves are the beam of energy. But is has been proved that both light and electrons and light can act as both particles and waves. It sounds crazy, but there are proves that light is a wave and there are also proves that determine light as a particle and the same goes for the electrons.

Movement against the gravity
It is believed that everything on the earth moves according to the gravity, but surprisingly it is not always true. There can be many cases when particles tend to move against the gravity. For example, water can easily move against the gravitational force when running in narrow capillaries. This process is termed as capillary action. Water can move up in narrow spaces without any assistance against the gravity. This proves the gravitational force cannot control the movement of every particle present on the planet. There can be cases when some other force might defeat it, in this case it was surface tension.

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