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Career options in India are growing in number. From the time where a child could either grow up to become a doctor or engineer, we have slowly ushered in an era where hundreds of different career options are open to the young generation. While a student is free to choose the path they like the most, if you take a look at the career options which get picked the most, it is plainly evident that there are some career options more popular than others.

So if you are still not sure what you should be picking as your career, take a look at the career options which your friends and fellow students across India are picking. Who knows, maybe it will help you make up your mind?

Career options after 12th grade:

1. Engineering

Try as we might, there is no denying that B. Tech and B.E. are the two most popular programs in the country. For those who wish to pursue a technical program, engineering is an outstanding option, with a well defined job market and thousands of vacancies, provided you perform well and graduate from a reputed college. There are several good engineering colleges you can get admission into through exams like JEE Main, state exams, etc.

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2. Medical

Completing the cliché of “doctor or engineer”, the second most popular option in India is medical. Tens of thousands of people appear in the various medical entrance exams like AIPMT, AIIMS, etc. each year, to try and get into one of the dozens of reputed medical institutions in the country.

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3. Law

Lawyers are a necessary part of any society, protecting those who have been wronged, and offering their crucial services wherever needed. It is a highly respected career option, one that thousands of school graduates opt for.

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4. Defence

The army is undoubtedly one of the most respected organisations in India. It also has one of the most gruelling selection criteria in the country, where you must prove your physical as well as mental acumen. Despite the extremely difficult entrance exam, it remains one of the most popular career options in the country.

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5. Hotel Management

A relatively new career option in India, hotel management allows you to pursue a life in the service industry in various capacities. From the chef to the hotel manager, there are many things that you can learn from this program.

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6. Architecture

Building a home or a workspace is not as simple as laying a few bricks and putting up a roof. It needs careful planning, analysis of available space, testing for strength and integrity of design, and most of all, style. Architects are the ones you approach when you want to build something new. In a world where new properties are being built ever day, they are the men and women that ensure that everything is planned properly and there are no silly goof-ups. For this, they need to join and graduate the B. Arch program and learn everything from material science to physics. The result however, is lucrative pay and a chance to build something that might outlasts entire generations.

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7. Fashion

There is so much more to the fashion industry than just the models. Equally important are the designers who come up with the dresses that the models wear, or the professionals who put together the physical dress once it has been drawn on paper by the designer. Lighting experts, photographers, event organisers, promoters and more, are all part of the fashion industry.

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These are the six most popular career options in India today. From the traditional favourites to the outrageously glamorous, our options have certainly evolved to accept all kinds of preferences. Did you see anything you like? If not, what are you planning to do in the coming years?

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