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Toppr – Best Online Help for JEE

JEE-Advanced is one of the most competitive examinations in the world with merely 1% acceptance rate into IITs. These exams hold the key to a successful future for all candidates. With the best brains from around the country in the fray, students have a tough time preparing for the entrance exams that would shape their careers. With the advent of the internet, online help for JEE is easily found; yet not at all reliable.

In this article, read about why Toppr is the best online help for JEE you can get!

Why Toppr?
The preparation process of JEE and other competitive exams is gradually shifting to online platforms, which is why we believe an online package is a must. Here, we list the reasons why Toppr can boost your chances of becoming an IITian.

Goal-Driven Pedagogy
Each chapter has been divided into individual units called goals, which are tested during continuous assessment. As you answer questions in the assessment, you will see instant feedback on your progress through the goals. You can leave the continuous assessment module at any time and come back to start, exactly where you left off. Your completion percentage for each goal can be seen in the respective chapter pages at all times.

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New Questions to Practice
Students face the problem of finding redundant content without anything new or interesting in coaching materials. Searching volumes of books for exam-relevant questions is a waste of time and effort. There are 1,50,000 questions on Toppr, ranging from simple to complex, which help polish your knowledge. More questions are being added every week, which cover the entire syllabus and thoroughly encapsulate concepts.

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Detailed solutions
Finding step-by-step solutions to JEE questions is very tough. Flipping pages to match questions to the answers can take away the study time from students. Most books and coaching modules just write the final answers or jump steps if they to do provide some part of a solution. Toppr gives you hints and step-by-step solutions to each question.

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Quality Content
A concept is taken, and a simple question is drafted. Then a layer of complexity is added to increase difficulty. A detailed solution is worked out and reviewed by experts to assign it a level of difficulty. A strong team of 1000+ subject experts, including IITians and teachers, adds new content every day on the website. At Toppr, we have researched and organised the best videos and learning materials on the web under Study materials in each chapter. You can go through the videos or the relevant web links to understand the concepts better.

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Clear your doubts
When in doubt, rely only on Toppr. You will find an “Ask a doubt” button on each question that you click on. A team of subject experts will reply to your queries on the doubt thread, which you would also receive via an email.

Progress Tracker
Students need to constantly practice questions on JEE pattern and track their progress. The score is the only feedback that one gets in traditional practices. So, you never quite become acquainted with your weaknesses despite rigorous efforts. Toppr generates extensive reports containing feedback and analysis for each test you take on our platform. It highlights weak areas and gives recommendations in each chapter. These reports help you track your progress as you move forward with your preparation.

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Adaptive practice
In a traditional learning environment, students are provided with the same type and number of questions to practice. Even if you know what your weak topics are, it’s difficult to find more ‘new’ questions to help strengthen those topics. Toppr students get personalized assessments that adapt to students’ learning progress.

Suppose  you  are  solving  Kinematics on  Toppr.  Let’s say that  through  some Practice Tests which  you took,  the system  has determined  that  one  of  your strong  areas  is Uniform Motion  and  one  of  your weak  areas  is  Projectile Motion.  At Toppr, you’d  get  more questions  from  Projectile  Motion  and  lesser questions from Uniform Motion in  the subsequent practice tests.

Unlike other test series packages, Toppr offers you a highly-personalized experience according to your level of preparation. This credible online resource is used by a large student community with whom you can compare, discuss and get feedback.

Proven Results
Over 2 lakh Toppr students (from across India) took JEE Main this year. While over 15% students clear JEE Main every year, 31% students who took to Topp, cleared it. So, Toppr students are twice as likely to succeed. Our survey shows that practicing more constructive questions correlates with better exam scores.

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Tracking progress, gradually building difficulty level of questions and instant doubt clearance – what more can you ask from online help for JEE? Get a free demo now! Toppr has just unlocked 9 chapters with all features, which  you can check  simply  by logging onto our website. Join us and experience an innovative way to prepare for JEE.

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