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Good students are always looked upon with envy. There are many weak students who often wonder why they are unable to emerge as the Marissa Mayer or Stephen Hawking of their class, just like the other unique students do. There are even students who are found losing motivation with the success of their fellow classmates. These students start thinking that they are lagging behind in their endeavor of getting to the top. This tendency is in no ways uncommon but if you are of the view that the learning ability of bright students is only because of their genetics, then you are completely wrong. You must think of the fact that these students might be using improvised study strategies in comparison to what you are using. Good students will always have good habits of studying and this is probably something that is most important for a student. If you want to emerge successful and be acclaimed as a bright and good student then you must follow all the good study habits.

Traits of a Good Student

Create an Effective Study Plan

If you want to do well in exams then it is essential for you to plan your future success in the best way possible. You should not get overwhelmed with the work quantity that you have in hand. Instead, you should try and chuck out a balanced and clear study plan that can help you.

Take Study Breaks

This must not be a surprising study tip for you. There are many students who are of the view that they possess the ability of cramming good amount of information just by sitting and learning continuously for some time. However, such students must remember that their learning ability gets reduced if they spend more time staring at their books. It is important to make use of break times in a wise manner. Students must make it a point to take some study breaks and go for a walk or do something which can help in boosting the activity of their brains.

Make Your Very Own Study Notes

You can encourage active learning by making your very own study notes. You can make these notes by making use of Flashcards, Mind Maps and various other effective procedures. Creating your very own online study notes can help you in discovering the exclusive method of learning. It will also enable you to maintain outstanding grades which can be an illustration of the power and the strength of active learning.

trais of good student

Get Enough Sleep

Exhaustion is your greatest enemy. Sleep in very important because proper rest strengthens the brain. This helps in assimilating information gained throughout the day in the best way possible while having a good sleep. If you are able to assimilate the things that you have learnt then you will be able to learn in a better way. There is a close relation between learning and sleeping and this relation is often disregarded by students. However, a good student is always aware of the fact that good sleep is very important for an effective learning procedure.

Ask Questions

You must not sit passively during lectures trying to absorb what is being taught. What you actually need to do is ask questions so that you can get engrossed in the learning experience. You can try going into a conversation with your lecturer which will get you involved with the learning process. You must make it a point to question everything that is being taught to you. You should have that urge to know the details of a particular subject of study. This is open your mind and will also give you a proper understanding of the subject.

Being a good student means knowing all the tips and tricks that are there to know.

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