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AIPMT, All India Pre-Medical Test, is the most important and the only method of fulfilling one’s dream of becoming a doctor. There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that studying for AIPMT requires a lot of hard work. Students need to fine tune their preparations in order to crack the exam and get admission in good college. But studying hard also means that you need to take breaks and relax. You need to relax, refresh your mind so that when you get back to your studies, you can learn faster and better.

There are some TV series that every aspirant studying for AIPMT (or any medical entrance exam) should watch. These TV shows take viewers into the fascinating territories of science and medicine. These are fun as well as give you a glimpse into the life of people who have pursued medicine as their career.

TV Series Everyone Studying For AIPMT Should Watch:

Some popular TV series which every AIPMT aspirants is bound to enjoy watching are:

ER (NBC, 1994-2009)

ER is the very first TV series that medical students can turn towards in order to increase their interest in the field of medicine. There are various reasons behind the great popularity of ER which resulted in the show receiving record-breaking 124 Emmy nominations. The show has pretty engaging storylines. Michael Crichton is the man behind the creation of each episode of the show. The show possessed an adrenaline-fueled and inventive visual style that turned the viewers to the world of emergency wards.

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC, 2005-Present)

Grey’s Anatomy is another super hit medical drama that can be of good stress buster for those of  you studying for AIPMT. The show is all about delicate medical cases and heavy-handed romance without each one taking over the other. This medical drama is popular for its multifaceted characters and color-blind casting. The most important and interesting feature of this show is its gender-role reversal apart from the primary medical cases. The characters of the show Cristina and Meredith are career oriented and they are quite reluctant about getting married. This is the best watched medical drama for careerists who have a strong intention of making it big in the field of medical science. Indian TV tried to copy this show a couple of times with some success. 😉

House (Fox, 2004-2012)

House is a completely formulaic show based on Dr. Gregory House and his fantastically weird personality. He is the doctor who has this capacity of figuring out almost every medical case. The show works magically because of this misanthropic and cantankerous Dr. House. He is a character bored by the normal issues with health and always dismisses all his patients with normal problems. This show can be watched in the form of a serialized drama or students can also catch one stray episode and enjoy it.

These are a few of the best TV shows which will act as a distraction from studies but will also motivate you to study hard as it will give you a glimpse into your future. 🙂

To everyone studying for AIPMT, we hope this will help you to relax and take a break from studies. Don’t give up on your social life or stop watching TV because of exams. Relaxation and having fun is just as important as getting good marks.

All the best. 🙂

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