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Guidance mainly divides into 3 types. And these 3 types of guidance are the main tools that guide a teacher or student in its working. Besides, in this topic, we are going to discuss the type of guidance that is most important.

type of guidance

Educational Guidance

It refers to that guidance that a child or students need during his school life. Also, it helps them to solve the problem that they face in school. In addition, it gives all the required details that children need related to the school they find most suitable. Most noteworthy, education is the process that guides and directs children for her/his proper development.

Every aspect of school education is strongly related to educational guidance. Moreover, it includes the aim, objectives, discipline, syllabus, the role of teachers, methods of teaching, and co-curricular activity.

In addition, these guidelines help in the adjustment of the course of study according to the ability and skill of the student. This process helps a student to make wise choices in relation to his education life ahead. Most noteworthy, this process assists a person to plan her/his education plan and carry it forward without any problem.

Education guidance concerns every related aspect of student education. Also, it provides assistance to students to choose the school, course, study habit, and several others. Besides, it helps in the growth and development of children.

Vocational Guidance

It refers to that type of guidance in which ordinary information is provided regarding choosing the occupation. Also, it prepares them for the occupation and helps in entering and progressing. Besides, it is also known as vocational development. Most noteworthy, in modern education it’s perspective is much wider.

This type of guidance helps a person to know her/his strength and weaknesses. Moreover, it helps them to choose a vocation for better adjustment with every situation. In other words, vocational guidance helps a person choose his career and other aspects related to it.

It is an assistance that helps students and children to know the world of vocation by getting in the school. Most noteworthy, it is an early exposure to students about the variety of job choices they would have later in life. It is a motivation for hard work in school or college studies.

Vocational Guidance help children to know what they are capable of and what they can become in life. And this ultimately depends on what they are capable to do in their school life. In addition, they need to be on the right track to prepare them for life.

In short, we can say that it is a universally accepted process that assists an individual to know her/himself better.

Personal Guidance

It refers to that type of guidance where a person or individual overcome their problem on their own. Also, it is the assistance that is provided to an individual to solve their social, mental, morals, health, and ethical problems. Besides, it helps in solving those problems, which we cannot solve with just vocational and educational guidance.

Personal assistance is of two types written and oral. They help to make an adjustment in our life. Moreover, it is the guidance they let us know what we are now and what we can become later in life. Besides, it helps children and student to help them and look at them from the right point of view.

In the case of personal guidance, we observe that it is not an easy task. And the total development of an individual’s personality depends on the development of personal habits and attitudes. That’s why most of the individual face this problem in life.

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