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Don’t you think that the IIT Bombay is home to the largest species of weirdos from the human race? Before you shake your head in dismay, let me tell you that I genuinely believe it’s a talented and innovative lot. I ain’t denying that, but this huge pool of brain power comes with its fair share of crackpots that you dare not ignore. Welcome to Episode No. 2 (find Episode No.1 here) of the IIT Diaries. This time, we present to you the types of insanely interesting people you find at IIT Bombay.

1) The Wandering Souls

Where will you find them? Anywhere except their designated rooms.
Common characteristics: They seem to know everyone. “Arey bhai wo ladki ko jaanta hu acche se. Baat karwa dunga teri?” Also, they show absolutely no shame while occupying their buddy’s room. If they decide to sleep in someone else’s bed daily, they beautifully manage to have no memory of the original occupant who wouldn’t be happy about becoming homeless. So, you either accommodate them or get tortured. They keep wandering in their muddled world like there’s no tomorrow. Beware of these guys!

2) The Recluses

Where will you find them? In their bed. They will not leave their room unless there’s an emergency evacuation.
Common characteristics: Their typical pose—laptops plonked on their laps and headphones stuffed into their ears. These antisocial kinds are the ones who shun any company and love solitude. Be prepared for awkward silences, lapses in conversations and yes/no answers for your animated questions. There’s one more unique quality they possess—the arbit swag.
Arbit refers to anything strange or weird. Their vagueness and fear of communication will make you more than uncomfortable.

3) The Overly Social

Where will you find them? Online. You barely know them. But they’ll still like your Facebook uploads with not-so-great comments. They’ll be keen on proving why Superman is better than Batman. Be prepared for lovely questions like “Aur bhai kaise ho?” You have no choice but to respond with an awkward breath “Bas bhai thik hu.” And the next moment you are wondering whether you knew that person or not.
Common characteristics: They are the social media addicts. Having a say in everything, putting up details of everything they do—right from eating Maggie to indigestion. You’ll get sick of their posts with bizarre captions that are not related to the pictures whatsoever. Sometimes, they turn out be really nice fellows or anything unimaginable—from creepy to downright irritating.

4) The Perpetually Homesick

Where will you find them? Nowhere. Unless you are a localite from their native place or a homebody.
Common characteristics: This is the breed of students who hop into a taxi, bus or local train every Friday evening at sharp 5:00 p.m to go to their native place. They have absolutely no idea what happens in the institution during the weekend. They’ll miss out on everything—trips, parties, booze, just to get home for the weekend. They’ll come back on Monday morning right before the classes, ready to begin a new week of homesickness.

5) The Overenthusiastic Lot

Where will you find them? Any place in the institution where there’s chaos and an upbeat environment— cultural event, competition, sports, music, drama, dance show.
Common characteristics: They are the ‘Enthu’ Wali Junta. Their sole aim in life is to do everything. Getting popular is also a powerful motivation for them. They’ll be present everywhere. They go for everything, master nothing, and pick up loads of experience along the way. The people in this category don’t care if they are a misfit somewhere. Talent or not, they’ll be present to participate. Almost invariably, they are among the most popular guys around. Or the most notorious, in some cases.

6) The Tharkis

Where will you find them? Hanging around the girls, trying to impress them.
Common characteristics: All they can think about, talk about, and listen about is girls. They constantly obsess over the girls they like. Given the skewed sex-ratio here, they turn out in flocks during festivals like Mood Indigo, in their prime form, when outside girls come to the institution. They are the prime stalkers, and their hunting ground is online social media. They bitch around, grumble over their crushes and relationships all the time.

7) The Poor Innocents

Where will you find them? Finding solace in girls’ dorms :p
Common characteristics: At heart, they are kids—they talk like one and behave like one. They still use ‘Ja Katti’ to convey their irritation. It’s very easy to poke fun at them, and they get seriously pissed off if you refer to them as kids in their presence. For the most part, they are quite helpful, talkative and chirpy. They are definitely the most adorable people.

These were some types of people you find at IIT Bombay. Hope you enjoyed reading this piece as much as I did writing it! Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section. I’ll be back soon with some more entertaining stories from the IITs!

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