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The need for the question whether to consider a UG degree from abroad arises due to the inherent and basic problems in the higher education scenario in India. Faced with the ever increasing number of applicants willing to pursue higher education in India in spite of the fact that there’s a lack in the numbers of quality professionals who could impart education at per with the global standards, the Indian higher education system boils down merely to low quality standards and hence gradually induces a lack of interest in the very subjects chosen by the applicants.

Also, the sheer numbers of applicants have propped up an entrance exam mechanism into place, that makes it a one-time profile test forcing the applicants to face either a ‘make it’ or ‘break it’ scenario. Additionally, the higher education culture in India is lacking glaringly in practical and holistic approaches towards learning and promotes the culture of textbook to exam learning. This inefficiency in the system which eventually leads to rote learning mechanisms and a lack of overall exposure with respect to the global contemporary standards, is what actually prompts one to consider opting for a UG degree from abroad.

An undergraduate degree in a foreign country comes with its own pros and cons. But in terms of their education model and the approach towards learning, it can definitely be ranked over the Indian higher education system. But since this attribute will also vary from country to country and from university to university, an applicant must devote a lot of time while investigating about various available options and for making an informed choice.

Availing UG Degree from Abroad: Pros

The global undergraduate scenario gives a whole lot of options to the interested student, some of them being very new, unconventional and interesting. A plethora of fixed degree programs, liberal art programs, dual degree programs, major-minor schemes and other interesting combinations which are traditionally not found in India, can be pursued from abroad. A dizzying array of opportunities in research, exchange programs, practical training and the state of the art facilities in some of the foreign universities are indeed worth mentioning here. And an exposure to the diverse international culture and communities is an added advantage. This immense flexibility in shaping your life and career path can’t be found in India.

Availing UG Degree from Abroad: Cons

The major cons of pursuing undergraduate studies from abroad are essentially the high levels of expenditure incurred and a large distance from home. While the distance can be a personal factor, the cost of studying abroad can be subsidized by availing fiscal planning, scholarship schemes, fee waivers and student loans. Its noteworthy here to mention that the Indian students studying abroad are well known for their ability to get awarded with a scholarship and to continue doing so throughout their academic terms.

An Interesting and Wonderful Option Indeed

The entrance mechanisms for foreign universities are very flexible and provide multiple options and opportunities for the applicants to prove their mettle in securing admission into a degree program of their choice. An additional bonus point for overseas education is the increased returns through getting placed in some really well paying jobs and getting superb facilities with a higher standard of living. But of course, this can’t be generalized to everyone and depends on each individual’s performance and input.

So overseas education definitely gives a wonderful opportunity to explore one’s interest and aptitude, and in turn learn in a suitable environment while moving towards progress and self-actualization.

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