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The education policy outlines our Central Government’s approach towards education. The Human Resource Development ministry is in charge of carrying out an almost impossible task since our independence: Providing quality education to a largely uneducated population. As the news suggest, the government is in consultation with various stakeholders to revamp the education policy of India.

Value-Based Education: Does It Exist?

In the earlier days, the goal was simple: To make sure we have the maximum enrollment in schools to reduce the illiteracy rate. In my opinion, that goal has been secured. But with the changing times, signing your name off and doing simple math is not enough. There’s demand for a skilled, ethical and valued work force in this era of globalization.

Value-based education (VBE) is about morals, integrity, character, spirituality and much more. It imparts the qualities of humility, strength and honesty in children. Such people with high ethical values never cheat others and work hard to make others happy.

Ethics and values play a far more important role in life, especially in a professional environment. Knowledge-based education creates a skilled work force but not necessarily a valued one. The new education policy is set to achieve exactly that. Value-bases education is the need of the hour. Scandinavian countries such as Norway and Sweden, which pay a lot of attention to student values, have seen a steep reduction in crimes and corruption cases. These countries have become one of the safest and hospitable cities in the world.

There needs to something more than mere information imparted to young minds. The Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) can’t import value-based education. There’s a need for a wide range of consultation ideas on almost every aspect of a student’s life. Apart from this, it has been noted that our educational institutions lack a research environment, and the new education policy promises to address this problem too. Better administration in schools, hiring better teachers, revamping the examination scenario in schools, all of these require the government’s attention.

A well-educated workforce is a prerequisite in the modern world. Values and ethics are the bedrock of our society. But in the recent times, this foundation has been left broken and been a castaway. Revamping the education system is the only way we can retain our age-old status as a country of intellectuals. Once our education institutions and values are strong, we can truly call ourselves an intellectual superpower.

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