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Today, we’ll be talking about CBSE class 10 English Chapter 6 – VIRTUALLY TRUE in detail. We’ll also give you the exact meanings of difficult words. Here goes the Virtually True summary.

About the Author

The author of the book Paul Stewart was born in London in 1955. He is predominantly the writer of children’s books and is best known for the three series written in collaboration with the illustrator Chris Riddell. Paul Stewart lives with his wife and children in the British seaside city of Brighton with.

What is Virtual Reality?

‘Virtual reality’ is a term that is used for computer simulated environments, which can imitate physical presence in places in the real world and also in imaginary worlds. It lets you communicate with a virtual environment either through standard devices like keyboard and mouse or via wired gloves, which is the case in this story. Virtual reality is useful for two purposes: the simulation of a real environment is used for training and education. It also helps the development of an imagined environment for a game or interactive activity.

In this lesson, two boys interact with each other in a strange manner, without actually meeting and still create miracles.

Now let us look at the Virtually True Summary.

Virtually True Summary

The story begins with a boy named Michael who comes across an article in the newspaper about a “Miracle Recovery.” The article is about a boy whose condition was critical but he still recovers from the coma. Michael remembers that the boy who was cited in the newspaper was, in fact, Sebastian Shultz who he had happened to meet a few weeks ago while playing.

It all got started during the Computer Fair, when Michael’s father who was nutty about computers, gifted him a new computer that was preloaded with games. When he starts playing the game ‘Wild West’, he gets challenged by “Black-eyed Jed” to a duel when becomes a Sheriff. He then meets a Second Sheriff whom he was asked to go with. Sadly, the Second Sheriff happens to get shot by the villains and the game soon ends. Later, he gets a printout which reads “I ‘m Sebastian Shultz, try playing Dragon Quest”.

In the game Dragon Quest, his mission is to save Princess Aurora from the wicked dragon and amass the wicked creature’s treasure along the way. He gets the help of the second knight who is none other than Sebastian. Sebastian was killed later on in the game. The game ends but his printer displays a message that asks him not to give up and try playing “Jailbreak.”

In the game Jail Break, his task is to escape along with the prisoner, and he somehow knew it was Sebastian again. They eventually break out of jail and run to the roof as doors shut behind them. Then the helicopter arrives as they reach the roof and they get into the helicopter. When they took off, Sebastian falls off the helicopter and then the game ends. Michael plays the game many times later on but he never gets a print after that.

Then one fine day, his printer displays a message that tells him that the helicopter was a better choice, so try your luck at playing “War Zone”. Sebastian also promised not to trouble him again if this did not work out.

Michael jumped into the game right away. He found himself in a city that is scarred by battle wounds. He knew that his job was to save Sebastian. They run together towards an abandoned jeep that they manage to find amidst the rubble. Then, they go towards a helicopter as a tank follows them. As soon as it came to their view, Sebastian stopped the car. Michael jumped into the helicopter when the jeep went into a spin. Sebastian does not go into the helicopter at this point. Michael patiently waits and shouts at him to come into the helicopter but Sebastian does not budge. A few moments later, Sebastian is thrown into the helicopter when the tank collides with the jeep. They fly into clouds and the game ends, saving him. When Michael removes his visor, he realizes that he has got the Higher Score.

The narrator now wants to cross-check the details. He gets out of the train and tries to get some details on the internet. He finds out what he was looking for. It seems that during the time of the accident, Sebastian was on his laptop and was playing one of the psycho-drive games that the narrator had purchased.

The narrator later understands that Sebastian’s memory had got stored on the disk because the computer had saved Sebastian’s memory, when he had banged his head during the accident. But it’s interesting to know how it ended up in the narrator’s computer. This puzzle also gets solved later because the narrator gets to know that when Sebastian was in the hospital, someone had stolen his games and sold them and it was the narrator who had ended up buying them. There is also a message from Sebastian that says, “DEAR MICHAEL, THANK YOU. I’M NOT SURE HOW IT HAPPENED. BUT YOU SAVED MY LIFE. LET’S MEET UP SOON, CHEERS. SEB. PL. KEEP THE GAMES. YOU’VE EARNED THEM”.

This was the direct and actual message from Sebastian. It was clear that something wonderful had happened by reliving the accident. But what can anyone say about miracles? And what is real or what is virtually real – no one can say with concretely. The narrator goes through an experience that had proved to be virtually true.

This was an overview, the Virtually True summary.

Virtually True Summary: Meanings of Words

  • coma : prolonged deep unconsciousness
  • miracle : remarkable supernatural event
  • fantastic : imaginary, fanciful
  • interactive : act with each other
  • futuristic: relating to future
  • Sheriff : chief law-enforcing officer
  • slammed : applied
  • slumped : to fall backwards
  • massive : huge
  • knight : honourable military rank
  • battlements : parapets with gaps at the top of the wall
  • dungeons : underground places
  • wailed : noisy sound
  • howled: barked
  • tramping : sound made by first steps
  • dodging : evaded
  • pounded : ran upwards
  • vicious : frightening
  • furiously : nervously
  • raked : filled

Short Answer Type Practice Questions

  1. Why does the narrator get engrossed with the newspaper headline?

Ans. The narrator gets drawn to the headline as he wants to know whether the Sebastian Shultz who is mentioned in the article was the same person whom he had met a few weeks ago.

  1. Why did the doctors feel that they needed a miracle?

Ans. Sebastian had got badly injured during the motorway accident and had slipped into a coma. His condition was quite critical though stable. The doctors had no clue about how to revive him. So, they felt that they needed a miracle for him to become normal again.

  1. Why does the narrator gasp and get amazed, nervous and shivery?

Ans. The narrator gasps as he does not understand how a boy he had met recently could be described as being in coma by the newspapers.

  1. Why does the narrator say his father is ‘nutty’ about computers?

Ans. The narrator uses the word ‘nutty’ as his father had all the latest computer accessories and also a computer that could do many things. Also, his father could not resist the temptation of buying the new gadgets and gizmos on the market.

  1. Why does the narrator enjoy playing computer games?

Ans. The narrator loves playing computer games as the big screen with a loud volume makes him feel like he was inside the game, battling it out.

This was the entire Virtually True summary. For more such interesting articles and summaries, stay tuned to Toppr.

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