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VITEEE 2020 Mock Test – VITEEE is conducted by the Vellore Institute of Technology every year at the national level. The registration can be done by two mediums, online and offline. It is conducted to offer admission to those students who are looking into doing a B.Tech degree.

What is the exam pattern of the VITEEE Mock Test?

The exam is a computer-based test that takes place over three sessions. There are 125 multiple-choice questions. Each question carries one mark each. There are 2 exam papers, one being medical and the other being nonmedical. The student can choose any one of the two. The exam is conducted for a duration of 2.5 hours. The exam has no negative marking. The paper has four subjects, physics (40 questions), chemistry (40 questions), mathematics or biology (40 questions) and English (5 questions).

Where can you get VITEEE 2020 Mock Test?

Since this exam is not only based on knowledge but also on time management, taking mock tests can help you brush up your expertise. The more mocks you practice, the better understanding you get of the pattern, the question types and time management. You can download the VITEEE Mock Tests of the last 3 years on Toppr here.

viteee mock test

Why should you take Mock Tests?

The mock test offered by the official site allows the student to get the necessary experience and exposure. This is a mock test that helps the student get the true feel of the actual exam. The main idea of this particular provider is that the more you practice, the chances of errors decrease.

It helps you analyze those areas that need your special attention and needs to be worked on. The mock test is based on the complete syllabus and stimulates the feel of the actual exam. This paper is based on millions of feedbacks from students from all over the nation.

The tests are monitored and it is the trend of the question pattern that guides this mock. The subjects included in this will be physics, chemistry, mathematics, and English. The following link also gives you the assigned syllabus and explains to you how subject wise assessment is crucial when taking mocks.

What is the process of taking the mock?

The process is easy to understand and follow. It includes the following steps:

  • The students need to go to the link provided on any of the websites or can go on the official website and click on the mock test
  • The student then needs to sign in using an ID and password. The candidates’ names and application numbers have to be filled as well.
  • The instructions need to be read and then the mock test starts.

The mock test is divided into 5 subjects mentioned above and does not require the student to start from a particular paper. Through the full process, the student has the power to mark a question for review, unmark them, change the answers numerous times before submission, etc. there are no negative markings for the wrong answer but the test will automatically terminate the session when the test time, that is 150 minutes, is over. The students must not close the window while the test is on and can navigate between screens.

What are the things that you will see on the screen?

  • While taking the test you will be able to see the various papers you need to attempt.
  • There will be a timer that will tell you the total time remaining.
  • You will also see the number of questions in each section.
  • Also, you will see buttons for easy navigation. These include hiding, next, previous and mark. The students also have the option of clearing the answer and filling it again.
  • Furthermore, you will see the status of the various questions, that is whether they have been answered or not.

Some pointers that the student must remember while taking the test

  • Start with the section you are most comfortable in
  • You can answer any question in any section.
  • The green symbol stands for the answered questions of the mock, marked for review is denoted by light brown, light grey stands for unanswered questions and blue is for the questions that have been answered and marked.
  • In the resource drop-down, you can view your test summary.

Mocks prove to be extremely beneficial because it not only raises the confidence and morale of the student but also gives them clarity as to what are the different types of questions that can be included in the paper and how they should be tackled. Apart from mock tests, there are last year’s papers too, which can be of major help for students. Those, too are available online and on various sites. They are solved and explained for easy understanding. In the case of VITEEE, the practice can make you perfect and these are some tools at your disposal that can enhance your studying session.

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