Vellore Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance Exam(VITEEE) is the entrance exam for VIT college. It is a highly competitive exam. This is evident from the fact in 2016 that more than 2 lakh students appeared for it. So it is very important for students to have a concrete study plan for it. Solving VITEEE past question papers must be an integral part of it.

Benefits of solving VITEEE past question papers

The best practice is to solve question papers in parallel with your preparation. This helps you to know the topics which are weak or strong in. Thus you can channel our preparation into improving our skills in the weaker sections. Solving past question papers also helps us to better your time management skill. VITEEE being a 2 and half hour long exam it is very essential to mange your time efficiently.Solving numerous past question papers also helps you to gauge about the pattern of the actual examination. By solving the past question papers you can analyse the patterns of the questions,varying difficulty of the question papers over the years. You can also find the most important topics from a particular section based upon the questions asked. Thus you can stress on those topics and become more confident in the subject.

Importance of recognition of question patterns

The syllabus for the VITEEE is a vast one. There are numerous sub-topics within the main ones. The important topics subject-wise are as follows:

  • Physics: Laws of Motion, Electrostatics, Current electricity, Nuclear Physics, Semiconductor Devices, Magnetism and Optics.
  • Chemistry: p,d,f block elements, Organic chemistry, Co-ordination compounds, Electro-chemistry, Stoichiometry, Thermodynamics and Atomic Structure.
  • Mathematics: 2-d & 3-d geometry, Matrices, Vector algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry, Probability and Discrete maths.
  • Biology: Taxonomy, Molecular Biology, Reproduction, Genetics, Biochemistry, Human and animal physiology, Human health and Biotechnology.
  • English: Comprehension questions,Grammar and pronunciation based questions.

If you solve the past papers you get an idea of from which topics are the majority of the questions formed. So you need not beat around the bush while studying for the test and you can directly focus on the important topics. The first thing to be done is to be thorough with the basics of the topics. This is because most of the questions are based on the fundamental concepts itself and they can be tricky if we have not practiced enough. You can also figure out the patterns in which the questions are asked from a particular topic by practicing the past papers. This because upon solving the papers you realize that from a certain topic questions are frequently asked in a particular manner i.e. the question is in the form of a numerical problem or a comparison based question, or a derivation based question etc. So you can solve similar pattern questions from a topic to be able to deal with such questions.

Caution to be taken while solving the papers

You must take care of the following points while attempting the VITEEE past question papers. Always solve the papers under timed conditions. Set a timer of 2 and a half hour while solving the paper. This helps you to manage your time better. Never take solving the paper as granted. Always stimulate a real-time environment while solving the paper.Do not use calculator to solve the arithmetic problems. Learn to develop fast arithmetic skills to solve the problems quicker. Always do a post-exam analysis of your result to understand your performance and mistakes better. This will guide you in your future preparation.

The VITEEE exam is a computer-based exam so attempt it online on a computer itself. This will help you to be familiar with how the exam software works and not face difficulty on the day of the exam. Attempting the exam online also helps you to track your progress section-wise and also take a timed exam.

In closing I would like to say that solving VITEEE past question papers is an excellent way for preparation. If you have solved the past year question papers you definitely have an edge over your competitors.

Also check out VITEEE mock tests here.

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