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VITEEE stands for the Vellore Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance Exam. The Vellore Institute of Technology, also called VIT, is an Indian institute of higher education and a deemed university. Considered to be one of the top private universities in India, the VIT has campuses in two locations in Tamil Nadu: Vellore and Chennai. VITEEE is conducted as an online exam every year in the month of April for courses into its U.G. programs, where about 20 disciplines are available. Apart from these 20 U.G. disciplines, VIT also provides 34 P.G. (post-graduate), 4 integrated and 4 research programs. This post includes analysis and links to VITEEE sample papers to help you prepare for the exams.

Admissions to its two campuses, Chennai and Vellore, will be purely on the basis of the marks secured in the VITEEE 2016. There are nearly 5,000 B.Tech seats for which around two lakh candidates register and appear every year.

VITEEE Sample Papers

Firstly, we discuss why sample papers are actually important and what role they play in your preparation:

Topic-wise Analysis:

Practicing a mock paper or previous years’ papers makes a candidate encounter those topics in which they are less confident and encourages them to focus more on them. This also helps them to know their strong areas so they can spend less time on the topics they have already mastered.

Time Management:

Sample papers help you watch the time taken to solve the questions. You learn subject-wise allocation of time and learn to attempt the paper within the time constraint. This helps in exam-simulation. While in the exam, you should be able to filter out the easy questions from the difficult ones so you know the amount of time to allot to them.


Accuracy is highly impacted as you go on with solving papers on regular basis, for example once you committed a mistake in “drawing a free body diagram” of any object and you observed it is a regular mistake you do, you can rework on that topic or concept and correct it next time on.

Exposes you to revised, mixed and shuffled content:

Not only does every sample paper bring to you better and improved questions, every paper is carefully designed so as to cover maximum chapters from the syllabus.

It also puts you through consecutive strenuous mock examinations designed to simulate the actual paper, which moulds your preparation according to the examination pattern. It forces you to revise minute but important concepts and formulas which are usually left out during revision, consequently helping you to recall concepts as and when demanded.

VITEEE Sample papers analysis

Going through the Physics paper, the questions are quite easy. Almost all of them are meant to be solved in 2-3 steps and mostly formula based. Be sure to be thorough with your formulas. To be honest, H C Verma’s Concept of Physics should easily do the trick! 

An in-depth analysis of the Mathematics paper revealed highly tricky questions. While some questions seem very conceptually demanding, others require a strenuous amount of calculation. A large part of the question lays importance to Algebra and hence students are advised to work on it intensely. However, a handful of questions are purely formula based and can be easily solved once you can see through the trick. Being thorough with all the concepts and formulas is a must.

The chemistry section is also not one to skip away easily. Questions are specific and tough, testing your key skills of chemistry and sometimes even solely based on your memory of chemical formulas and equations. Be sure to be thorough with NCERT firstly, and expand your preparation to much higher levels of preparation.

Practice and prepare well. You can also find some more important tips and tricks to crack VITEEE. All the best!

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