School year-end is one of the most anticipated times. It is a time to enjoy for both teachers as well as students. However, one must always remember to make it as memorable as possible. Teachers leave a profound impact on their students. Some stay with us for a lifetime as well. Teachers should ensure kids end their school year with joy. It can turn out to be one of the most memorable moments of their lives.

Importance of School Year-end

Students spend a lot of time at school. They form a bond with their teachers which last forever. School year-end gives teachers a chance to inspire students to realize their potential. They can show them how students are capable of performing well the next year too.

end of school year

We should incorporate activities which will give them a flashback of the year. This will enable them to see their growth and instill confidence in them.

School year-end is also the perfect opportunity to tell kids how the time spent together is valuable. Such gestures will make them feel appreciated. It gives teachers the chance to celebrate their accomplishments. Read here about more classroom activities.

Five Ways to End the School Year

You must mark the end of the school year with a bang. It will help each student remember the past year clearly. As it signifies students have reached the finish line of the race, make sure to reward them. Do not let self-doubt creep in. Make it the ultimate event. We have compiled a list of ideas for teachers to end the school year with a bang:

  1. Make a list
  2. Gift them a souvenir
  3. Celebrate their accomplishment
  4. Balloon Release Ceremony
  5. Flash Mob
  6. Funny Award Function

Make a List

You can ask your students to make a list of the top five things they learned this year. It makes them reflect on their bittersweet experiences. Moreover, it will tell you a lot about your teaching skills. When students take away good from your class, it will be your success. You can later ask them to read out their pieces aloud by gathering everyone together.

Gift Them a Souvenir

Gifting them a souvenir to remind them of that particular year will work wonders. It may possibly be the last time you ever speak with them. It is important to make it valuable. A souvenir will help them remember the year by. Similarly, it can be personalized as per every student’s specialty.

Celebrate their Accomplishments

Every student grows as they move out of your class. It is important to acknowledge that growth. That will help them do better in their future. Try rewarding them. Do not simply reward the ones who excelled academically. Acknowledge each one’s growth and successes.

Balloon Release Ceremony

Balloons excite almost everyone, no matter the age. There is just something about releasing a balloon in the air that liberates you. Organize a balloon release ceremony at the end. Ask students to write down one habit they wish to change or improvise and ask them to release them in the air. It will certainly be a moment to remember.

Flash Mob

Nothing excites students more than seeing their teachers dance. All the teachers can get together and organize a flash mob for the students. They will thoroughly enjoy the moment. You can also ask the kids to join in. It will create a good rapport between the students and teachers. This goodwill will be passed onto the next year.

Funny Award Function

Ending the year with a laugh is the best thing. Makeup award titles which are funny. Give them away to teachers and students. This will help things on a good note. For instance, students can also give their inputs. In conclusion, it will surely be a day to remember.

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