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This is a modern world where almost everything has turned online. This is a world where there are a large number of websites specifically being developed for serving the requirements of students. Today, the online platform serves in the form of a medium catering to the specific needs of students be they small or big. There is every single individual, from an aspiring engineer to a doctor who goes online for aiding his or her studies in the best way possible. Engineering is one of the most desired career options in India. This is the reason why the internet is found to be flooded with different websites satisfying the requirements of engineering aspirants. Here, we bring you some of the most interesting websites every engineer should know about.

Websites Every Engineer Should Know About

Discover Engineering by Visiting can be the best website for individuals who have very little knowledge about the field of engineering or the ones who are completely new to this field. The website is a storehouse of interesting engineering stuff which has been introduced to new comers through puzzles, games, forums and articles. Aspiring engineers can easily find engineering career and education related articles and blogs on this website.

Engineering Formulas on eFunda

eFunda or Engineering Fundamentals is the website where one can find the best engineering information. It is a website that works best for engineering professionals looking for reliable and firsthand information along with the easy access of daily requirements of resources in the field of engineering. As is evident from the name itself, eFunda is the website that consists of all the basic fundamentals of engineering. It covers basic formulas along with their applications and their daily use in life. It is a website that works in the form of a reminder for the formulae that explains the application details of the formulae. It is a website that is specifically developed for the students who are in the basic years of their engineering or the ones who are into learning engineering at college. One of the websites every engineer should know about, definitely!

How Stuff Works

This is a website that answers for all the questions on the interrogative “How”. It serves as a platform for the aspiring engineers who are always on the lookout of learning something new. This is a website where one can find answers about the work procedure of the world as a whole. It is completely packed with some of the easiest of explanations answering all sorts of questions that come to the mind.

Engineering is not the end of the road, however; Here are some of the cool unconventional options, available after engineering!

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