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Weekly Science – Latest Discoveries

Science has a knack of growing by feeding in on itself. This ensures an exponential growth. Recently a group of astrophysicists discovered a new optical Einstein ring called the Canarias Einstein Ring. Albert Einstein talks about this in his paper-‘General Theory of Relativity’ which was published almost a century ago. He predicted that gravity would allow light to flow through curved paths. This was first witnessed in 1991 total solar eclipse by astronomers.

The light from massive galaxies is bent by black holes between them and the earth. These act as lenses and create arcs and ‘Einstein rings’ of light. These rings can only be observed with radio telescopes or the Hubble Space Telescope.

This newly discovered ring lies in the direction of the southern constellation Sculptor. It was found by Margherita Bettinelli, an astronomer in Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias, Spain, and her collegues. This ring is larger than the Einstein rings previously seen.

This discovery hints at a possibility of another galaxy that is thousands of light years away from our planet, Earth.

You can read about some more discoveries which have had their roots in science-fiction here.

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