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We live in an era when everything below and beyond the sun are knitted to the virtual web spread worldwide, which we lovingly call the internet.  With its horizons expanding day by day beyond our imagination, the internet has occupied an inevitable space in all human activities. As its scope and complexities grow day by day, work of a web designer too becomes more exciting and challenging.

Role Of A Web Designer:

Web designers are the people responsible create websites – both technically and graphically.  From those cool sites you check out for latest trends and gossip to the various business and banking websites and interfaces managing crucial information, a web designer’s brain works through its technicalities. It takes a blend of expertise and creativity to pull out an user-friendly and efficient website.  Professional and freelance web designers are well paid as well, making it worthy for one to know what this profession is all about.

Though the main aspect of web designing is to design and code websites, it all starts with identifying the target audience. The theme, graphics, content and other features of the website depends on who uses it. The user-interface and navigation structure of the website should be developed to suit the kind of person who seek the web services and has to be incorporated suitably.

The functionalities to be supported by the website is also an important aspect. Many websites cater financial transactions, media streaming etc. which the web developers stitch into the framework of the site.  The mobile version of most websites are also offered, hence designer has to take care of the compatibility of the webpage in different platforms.

Coding is the one of the main aspect of web designing. Web designers are entitled to have strong foundation in languages like html and JavaScript. A website is created either beginning from scratch, or an existing website software & graphics package is modified to meet the requirements. Either way, a large website with lot of interlinked web pages requires extensive coding.  An efficient code reduces the loading time of a site, making it much convenient for the user. Also, the navigation between the constituent pages of a site has to be made easy and comprehensive for all kinds of users. Business and financial sites require the website architecture to be secure and intact, another factor of developer’s concern.

A dull webpage with wayward fonts and messed up appearance will surely be a turn off to anyone using it. Layout and graphics are the pivotal aspect of a website. A web designer has to implement an overall simplicity and elegance in the appearance of the website, which includes choosing the right mix of fonts and colours. Good creativity and imagination are also required for the web designer for deciding the placement of different elements appearing in a page. Importantly, the designer has to catch up with the latest trends and technologies in graphics and must be able to apply them.

Web designers are also required to test the website time-to-time for technical glitches. Websites of any firm requires to be regularly updated and maintained. Newer technologies and services are introduced over time, notably in the user-interface sector. Designer has to be alert to such developments and modify the websites accordingly.

Web designing is a tedious process. It is a collective effort of skilled designers working in tandem that produces an efficient website. So a web designer should be able to work both on their own and as a part of a team. This is also a profession where one has to exhibit good communication skills, comply with quality standards and meet tight deadlines. An entry as a web designer asks for knowledge in subjects like web designing, interface designing, graphic designing, computer programming and internet technology. Coupled with work experience and a creative mind, it turns out to be one of the most prolific professions. Web designing surely proves to be a prospective career option for young minds to look up.

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