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The normal definition that a chemist gets is that he is the person who sells medicines and pharmaceutical drugs to the people who are diagnosed with something or the other. But the true definition of a chemist is entirely different as chemists are the researchers who do experiments with the different properties of vivid kinds of chemical substances. The various effects of chemical compounds in different situations are measured and studied by the chemists. To prepare more practical applications of chemicals, a chemist will always work as an integral part of the research team. He will create useful compounds for the benefits of the people. However, the role of chemists vary from one industry to another as he/she might work on improvement of certain kinds of chemical compounds or work on different technologies in order to create more practical applications of the chemicals.

There are various types of chemists listed as:

Biochemist: Biochemists or biological chemists’ works only on those reactions and chemicals that occur in the human body or other living organisms. In fact there is a separate field known as biological chemistry which essentially covers all types of biomedical researches. They experiment on organic matter on a described cellular level effectively to produce new technologies for genetic engineering, DNA therapies, pharmaceutical drugs and agricultural products.

Neurochemists: They can be defined as the biochemists who specifically specialize in the sector of molecules, neurochemicals and several other elements which are associated with the biological nervous systems.

Theoretical Chemists: As the name specifies, theoretical chemists explore scientific ideas and theories in an attempt to explain the chemical reactions in more detail. Chemists in this filed work more closely with advanced subjects like molecular dynamics, quantum mechanics and statistical thermodynamics which is used by them to develop potential theories that can later be applied in the industrial, nuclear and molecular applications. The theories that are formulated by these genre of scientists underline essential modern technologies like the DNA analysis, alternative fuels and advanced medical treatments.

Nuclear Chemists: The highly paid chemists and the most advanced category of chemists, these scientists deal with radioactivity and other processes of nuclear matter. The nuclear chemist working at the power plant for example studies the chemical compound that allows the safest storage of radioactive material. They research on more technological ways to extract more of nuclear power.

Chemists are more than just a normal pharmaceutical drugs seller.

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