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In today’s world, humans are exploiting mother earth to the core. It is necessary to bring about a sense of awareness amongst citizens. One of the simplest ways to achieve it is through imparting this knowledge to children. Therefore, when they learn from an early age about the environment, it will be easier to protect it. Teaching Environmental Education in schools will assist with that. In other words, when nature will be brought into classrooms, change can happen.

What is Environmental Education?

Environmental Education is a study of nature. It helps us explore the problems the environment is facing. In addition to creating awareness about those issues. A profound understanding of the environment will help us tackle these issues efficiently. Meanwhile, building strategies to enhance and sustain nature is also part of environmental education. It creates a positive impact on youth. Environmental Education helps us become conscious of our actions. Similarly, this further assists us in making responsible choices.

Environmental Education

Constituents of Environmental Education

  • Awareness
  • Empathy
  • Approach
  • Aid
  • Contribution


It makes us aware of the functioning of our environment. In addition, it also throws light on environmental issues.


Environmental Education makes us empathetic towards such problems. It gives us a deeper understanding.


How humans should approach the challenges is taught by Environmental Education. It encourages a thoughtful approach to sustain the environment.


It assists us in classifying environmental issues. In addition to giving us the ability to resolve them.


Environmental education motivates us to contribute our bit for a greater cause. Above all, it inspires us to partake in bringing about a change.

Advantages of Environmental Education

  • Encourages kids to respect mother earth and its animals
  • Cultivates critical thinking
  • Promotes a healthy way of life
  • Environmental balance is restored
  • Gives a much-needed break from the monotony

If water gets polluted, what are we going to drink? How will we enjoy nature if every forest is cut down? If children aren’t taught how to preserve our ecosystem, the earth will be doomed. This is why Environmental Education is important. It comes with its own advantages as given below:

Encourages kids to respect mother earth and its animals-

By teaching kids how to respect our nature, we will pave way for a brighter future. Environmental Education teaches us to be kind towards animals. This will have a positive impact on our nature.

Cultivates critical thinking-

In addition to making kids respectful of nature, it also develops critical thinking amongst them. They become mindful of their actions and their magnitudes. Therefore, good habits are instilled in kids that do not harmfully affect our nature.

Promotes a healthy way of life-

Nowadays when everyone is glued to their phones, people hardly move their muscle. Environmental education encourages kids to participate in outdoor activities. It teaches us about the benefits of the environment and how we can use it to our advantage.

Environmental balance is restored-

By teaching kids how their actions impact nature, we can maintain environmental balance. For instance, if someone is cutting down a tree in one corner, in the other corner a kid is learning to plant one. It helps in creating a sustainable future.

Gives a much-needed break from monotony-

The mundane routine of studying theoretical subjects is tiring. Environmental Education gives the kids a chance to engage in activities outside the class. It makes them active and lively. Environmental education serves as a fun break for students.

In conclusion, environmental education is the need of the hour. Thousands of animals and forests dying due to human activities. Steps must be taken to preserve our mother earth. Today’s world is facing numerous crisis. Environmental Education can bring much-needed change. When we teach kids early on about the importance of the environment, we pave way for a healthier and greener environment.

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