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Good college or a good stream? Which one should be given priority? Well this is a question that runs through the mind of every student. Often students are puzzled as to what should be the preference. It is a common problem faced by every student making a decision after his/her high school in finding a good career based course in graduation. If they have made a decision in pursuing a particular graduation like B. Tech or any other course, then finding the desired branch in a good college is difficult. However, if they even manage to find their dream branch, there comes another most common problem of almost every student, that is the fee structures which most of the middle class families in India cannot afford to pay. So, finding a good college with a dream branch at affordable fee is the most difficult task for any student, and hence they ultimately land up making wrong choices.

Students’ dilemma of making a choice is usually solved by the influence and free suggestions of friends, relatives and unqualified professionals, who provide distorted information that further adds to the confusion. Thus, the students end up getting wide variety of suggestions from various people, but do not find a solution to their problem.

In my opinion what one really needs is a professional guidance from an experienced individual, who is especially well versed with the current education and career scenario. Such professionals are always in a better position to guide the students and provide them with solid and reliable advice on the courses to pursue and the college they should be studied at. While most of the counselors rightly suggest on giving preference to institutes, but at the end everything boils down to your decision and preference. What I would suggest the student is, first conduct a self assessment and find out what your preferences are. According to me, institutes from where you graduate are equally important as the choice of course. No doubt it is very difficult for students to get the best of both, but what I would suggest is that the students need to keep their options open.

Good colleges not only have good infrastructure stability, good established academic systems, qualified professors with vast experience that adds value to the students. Also, another advantage of a good institute is, when it comes to the Institution’s name, it happens to carry a lot of weight in the job market. But also one cannot completely ignore the fact that the selection of course also plays a critical role since your professional career depends on it. One needs to find their line of interests and select course they wish to pursue. Also, if in case you are not sure of selecting the right course for yourself, just go on to first selecting the best college and then decide on the courses offered there. If you know which course is best for you then try prioritizing that. In this scenario, although the college may not be the best, but at the end you are pursuing a career of your choice.

In my opinion students need to be careful while making a decision and not just blindly follow what people say or do. I would rather suggest students to undertake a good research on colleges offering the course of their preference, as well as at the same time widen their preference of courses as well. It is always better for students to keep their option open rather than just restrict to a particular college or course. This makes the selection process a lot easier for them.

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