The title alone conjures up all sorts of images — war, earthquakes, poisonous jungle plants, killer animals, diseases, terrorists and violent criminals at every turn.

Of course danger lurks everywhere. But some places are definitely more dangerous than others. How do we know which place is the most dangerous? Statisticians and think tanks consider many factors when naming a place among the world’s most dangerous. These factors include national security, war, terrorism, violent crime, insurgent activity, disease, humanitarian issues and civil unrest. As you can see, the world’s most dangerous places are usually dangerous because of human activity.

Although factors like dangerous animals, harsh climate and the like are also considerations, they’re not really taken into account when researchers compile data on this subject. A place like Antarctica, for example, is extremely dangerous — its freezing cold environment doesn’t naturally support life. However, people can and do live on Antarctica for temporary stretches because research stations have been built to protect them from the elements and provide food. Antarctica is also a war-free zone, so there’s no worry about civil unrest or violence.

But what’s the most dangerous place on Earth? Michael Stevens, of Vsauce, walks us through the options.

(Video by Vsauce)

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